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  1. Paints for the MB-339 by Indiafoxtecho
  2. I found a few old shots of it as well. Unfortunately, it didn't port really well into msfs..
  3. ooh, nice, haven't seen that for a while. This is Dean's widow, right? Such a cool aircraft.
  4. I did one imaginary paint for the F-15 of DC Designs: a bunch of Americans, one from Alaska: and the three squadrons from Lakenheath: two Singaporeans: and two Japanese:
  5. I did a few retro-paintschemes for Aerosofts CRJ: and two modern ones:
  6. ..with a Mosquito is fun!
  7. such a beautiful aircraft...
  8. jankees


    two more: oil on the windscreen? Just once, I was more careful afterwards...
  9. Here's my paints for the freeware MiG-15 by Aerosoar Polish: Czechoslovakian: Russian: North Korean: American: and East German: Let's hope they manage to add a pilot in the future...
  10. But some real ones as well
  11. The Fiat G91 for MSFS by simskunkworks came with an enormous amount of textures, covering (nearly) all paintschemes worn by it, so I painted a lot of 'what if' schemes:
  12. I have a ridiculous amount of books (according to my wife), and I look for things that are a bit different, or that tell an interesting story
  13. jankees


    my corsair paints so far, all for the Milviz Corsair for MSFS
  14. a few more then: no invasion strips, but I hope you'll like them anyway
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