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  1. It took me a while before I started with paint Auntie Ju, due to the stupid mirrored door textures, but with that problem solved I found I really like the old girl. So here are my Ju-52 paints so far: they built a few 100 of them after the war in France as the Amiot AAC1 Toucan: they were used in Sweden, with wheels: and with floats (and mirrored door) and even impressed into the Swedish Air Force during the war: the Dutch Flight School used a few right after the war: Belgian air line Sabena flew a few before the war: TAI of France (and Air F
  2. for the model from the basepack
  3. from the Asobo Reno pack Jackie: Polar Bear: and Lynn:
  4. by SC Designs for MSFS Belgian AF: a few Dutchies: some Portuguese: and one from Singapore: a
  5. Paints for Rob Richardson's Mk.8 for MSFS
  6. here she is in Papua New Guinea: the weather got a bit worse as we landed..
  7. that's odd, I copied in the same link and now it is visible..
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