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  1. they painted it like this when it reached 3000 flying hours, the first Dutch F-104 to do so. It actually flew like this, but only for one day, in December 1982.
  2. jankees


    no flaps indeed here's a few more paints I did
  3. jankees

    Cat v Dog

    I prefer cats too... nice shots
  4. ah, you had me worried there for a moment. I once had an aircraft where I painted one wing green and one brown, but I never noticed since I'm colorblind..I was afraid of a similar thing here...
  5. variation of colour? what do you mean?
  6. if you list wine under mind altering substances then indeed, yes and I love (some) French cars, I still own three..
  7. There are currently two Fouga's for MSFS, my paints are for the freeware model by Restauravia: a German: a kiwi: a Paddy: a Yank: and two Finns
  8. my paints for the Aeroplane Heaven model for MSFS
  9. jankees


    just a few recent random pictures I liked, I hope you do too
  10. jankees


    wonderful shots!
  11. but the update broke my sim, reinstalling everything, groan..
  12. built in 1969 and still going strong in the most rugged environment
  13. https://flic.kr/p/2mYJRf2
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