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  1. But some real ones as well
  2. The Fiat G91 for MSFS by simskunkworks came with an enormous amount of textures, covering (nearly) all paintschemes worn by it, so I painted a lot of 'what if' schemes:
  3. I have a ridiculous amount of books (according to my wife), and I look for things that are a bit different, or that tell an interesting story
  4. jankees


    my corsair paints so far, all for the Milviz Corsair for MSFS
  5. a few more then: no invasion strips, but I hope you'll like them anyway
  6. anybody still visit here? Here's a few recent spitfire paints: want to see more? wan
  7. jankees


    In that case, two more paints for you to consider flying:
  8. jankees


    I'm not that interested in airliners, but I'm a sucker for aircraft with high tails and engines in the back, they're just so graceful!
  9. jankees


    Having fun with Aerosofts CRJ:
  10. jankees


    but a small one
  11. oh, but you have it over two screens? Tell me more, I could not get that to work? Nice skies !
  12. jankees


    Well, if you strip it down to bare metal it probably would be this shiny... Thank you for your comments!
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