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    Veryvery nice
  2. jankees

    Almost real

    very nice! Singapore looks good!
  3. the old Grumman Goose never looked better than in MSFS, so I converted my old paints, and threw in a few new ones
  4. my Waco paints converted nicely to msfs from FSX/P3D:
  5. wonderful little aircraft from AT simulations
  6. I did a few Savage Cubs and some Daher's (For me, TBM will always be Grummans torpedo bomber) my first forays into bare metal:
  7. When MSFS came out, there weren't any interesting aircraft on offer, just some GA, most of which I'd never even heard of, and a few airliners, also not the most interesting aircraft, at least I think so. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do, so I did paint some of the less boring default aircraft in the beginning, starting with the Caravan: and the Bonanza and a Diamond after I visited Singapore:
  8. just try it, it is not that hard. Hey, I'm colorblind and look what I can do..
  9. Dolf, you're still around! Nice shots! Leuven, da's niet zo ver van hier?
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