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  1. I have the boxed version. Sorry, I should have mentioned that :smile: Just completed a re-install. It didn't help. I used the "Run as administrator" to start the setup manually. After setup was completed I double-checked if the gauges and effects were in the Flight Simulator X/Effects and -/Gauges folders. They were. Then I started FsX and selected the PMDG MD-11. I wasn't asked if the gauges were safe and should be loaded every flight. Who can help me? Edit: Maybe you can help me if I say that FsX is installed in my Program Files(x86) folder......maybe not but then you just know it
  2. Hi all, I've got a huge problem with my PMDG MD-11X. No animations are simulated, the 2D-cockpit looks like this: And the VC always looks like this: This means that nothing moves (no yoke, flaplever, ailerons, rudders, geardoors... etc. etc.). Only the throttlelevers and the landing-gear (which just disappears in the aircraft) move. Could someone please help me? It was too expensive to put it onto a shelf and never use it :smile:
  3. My first entry! I had to wake up the ATC. A Canadian wanted ice-cream and some water.....
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