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  1. Hi Everybody, Left Boise Air Terminal (KBOI) for Spokane International (KGEG) using Zibo Mod 3.50.6. All-in-all a pleasant flight, only issue noted was an erroneous magenta hold pattern on the NAV display.
  2. Hi Everyone, Since I was having issues with Zibo 4.49.18 I decided to go back to version .16. All of my navigational issues are gone and it was a joyful flight.
  3. Hi Everybody, Another short hop... Tonight I go from Hector International (KFAR) to Rapid City Regional (KRAP). I noticed two issues with the latest version of Zibo, they both have to deal with the speed tape. Not sure what happened to my world map on the lower right side of the display on the back end. Sorry about that. All-in-all another good flight!
  4. Hi Everybody, Short hop from Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP) to Duluth International (KDLH).
  5. Hi Everybody, Tonight's flight was from Chicago (KMDW) to Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP). It was a bumpy flight the entire ride, it was so bad there was no in-flight service along the way. All in all Zibo ran great. There seems to be an issue with Window Heat indicators and a minor issue with the speed tape. I may lower the bloom down just a bit. Hope you enjoyed the ride along
  6. Hi, Watching now... looks amazing, I like the real life interaction within the flightsim video!
  7. Hi Everyone, My first flight with the three news computer builds, very happy with the results. Still have to wait (defective equipment) on one motherboard and CPU, then X-plane will be running at 5.3GHz all around. Right now the server is only running at 3.0GHz.
  8. Hi Everybody, Ran my last flight on my old I7-7700 CPU's, they will be swapped out for I910900's. Ran into a pressurization issue along the way. Late getting the arrival runway and had to make a steep descent into West Palm. Will begin building my new computers tomorrow.
  9. Hi Everybody, From today's live stream. We depart Detroit for Green Bay.
  10. Hi Everybody, Today we depart Buffalo (KBUF) for Detroit Metropolitan (KDTW).
  11. Hi, Thanks... I had nothing programmed, was just going for a quick ride to check my alignment settings. Wasn't planning on landing, but the view was so nice I decided what the heck. Flew her like a Cessna 8-)
  12. Hi Everybody, I did some monitor alignment fine tuning today, along with some daytime lighting effects editing. I'm landing at Pittsburgh (KPIT) after getting the adjustments just where I want them. May need a bit more tweaking, but the alignments to the center monitor are real close.... Looking good.
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