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  1. Hi, The deck is located in my garage. The deal with the wife (lived in NY at the time), when we move to Florida... I get the garage for my flight deck. She agreed thinking, okay sure a full 737ng flight deck, you got it. Then reality set in after we moved, and here she sits. I made a video some time ago about how I turn everything on, it shows the garage.
  2. Hi Everybody, Well, work continues on my day time lighting effects. Today we are at Seattle Washington doing some testing. That is ORBX True Earth below.
  3. Hi Everybody, With my night lighting effects just about done, it's time to start on my daytime lighting effects. If I can get them close to real as my night time effects, I'd be ecstatic!!!!! The left monitor show plane XP11.51b1 without any additional lighting effects, the left monitor has my night lighting effects installed. I'm working on the center monitor to get the day time effects I'm looking for and then I'll transfer those settings (they may need some minor adjustments) to the outer displays.
  4. Hi Everyone, I still have to adjust my left monitor a bit, the color is off a touch... Right visual looks good. Once I finish that I'll look at the landing and taxi lighting and try to get those to the brightness I want.
  5. Hi Everyone, Some of you have asked me to put up a video showing the lights from the side. I can't fly from the wing view... best I can do is give you the F/O side view. Hope this answers any questions you may have had, and again suggestions are welcomed!!!!!
  6. Yeah, the orange was a bit much.
  7. Hi Everybody, I released version 1.3.0 a few minutes ago. Tonight we are in Florida performing a final run on the night lighting editing package. I managed to get the camera in front of the F/O seat where it doesn't interfere with the dual yoke. This will give you a better view of the lighting effects I get to see at night. Just wish I could film and upload in 4K! Maybe some day. Link to edited file shown in video description.
  8. Hi Everybody, Worked on the night lighting effects from bed again today, got up just to do some quick testing on the changes I made. 1.3.0 is looking nice... I think it still needs some work, but I'll get to that later. Right now I need a breathing treatment and some rest. What do you guys and gals think... Too much of something or not enough of something else. I can't decide if there is too much color and/or too much orange lighting. I'll keep thinking about it while I'm resting... Enjoy
  9. Hi, Never been there in the real world myself, but I could imagine what the ride must of been like!
  10. Hi Everyone, Landing at KAI TAK - VHHX. From the checkerboard on down.
  11. Hi, Thanks, I enjoy night flights.... I find them relaxing. Plus I usually fly at 2am when the wife is asleep and I can't sleep. 8-)
  12. Hi Everyone, Short hop over NYC to test my latest night lighting edits.
  13. Hey Everyone, Since I'm not recording in the background the sim runs as it should. You'll notice the stutters that appeared in yesterday's video flying around Boston are now gone. I've also made a few edits to the lighting effects since yesterdays video as well. This is version 1.2.9 that will be uploaded to xplane.org as soon as it's done. Another day, maybe two tops. Didn't expect to have issues with my recording equipment today. Still have to work out the halo issue around the moon and I think that's it for this round.
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