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  1. My latest video celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
  2. Thanks gents for the look and comments. This one seems to be my most popular video out of the gates!
  3. We explore the sights of the Everest massif at 30,000’ in the Daher TBM 930. Early morning departure from Kathmandu, Nepal to watch the sun rise over the Himalayan mountains. Everest mountaineering, summit routes, facts and highlights plus landscape identification of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. Full video Premiere on May 5, 2021. Please subscribe so you don't miss the full length video.
  4. Many are unaware of the Bombardier origins. Hope you find this interesting !
  5. Thank you all! I was really inspired by the music to put this video together!
  6. This video should fit the need!
  7. Hi Joe. You are right. No Northern Lights in MSFS yet. I took the liberty of editing real world Northern Lights into the sim to showcase Greenland. I indicate this in the description for the video so not to misinform people. I should have perhaps included this here as well. Description added.
  8. My latest effort! Really enjoyed the research on this one! Experience the beauty of the Northern Lights as we fly the Daher TBM 930 from Nuuk (Capital of Greenland). This evening flight takes us North along the coast of West Greenland. This is a 25 minute flight covering 82nm from Nuuk (BGGH) to Maniitsoq (BGMQ) with in flight information on the Northern Lights. Note for the Flight Simulator pilots : At the time of publishing this video, Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) does not incorporate the visuals of the Northern Lights. Real world Northern Lights were edited into the video to showc
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