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  1. Hi Brett, thanks for your input! I absolutely see your point - MSFS is indeed a flight sim first and perhaps a 'world sim' or virtual tourism medium, second. And if I understand you right, if you're in it for the flying, the aviation dynamics/realism are of course the most important requirements by far. Your point about the senses missing is also extremely valid - this makes it highly doubtful that, for the average person, real travel could be fully simulated virtually. But could it provide a very slight sense of being somewhere else? Does MSFS give a tiny taste of that feeling, even if
  2. Hi everyone! Do you use the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator? Then please keep on reading! Contribute to scientific research by filling out a short 10 min. survey and sharing your experiences in this forum. MSFS 2020 can easily be considered a new form of virtual tourism: travel without ‘real’ travel. But could this substitute a vacation-feeling to some degree? And why/how? My master’s thesis on Virtual Tourism and Travel will try to answer these questions. From a personal perspective, this topic really fascinates me: I am both an avid traveller (at least, in ‘normal’ times!)
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