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  1. MH's twitter links don't work! Always get an error when I try your links.
  2. simmerhead


    Lennart who is one of the three man team is a genious and legend up here. He made some amazing scenery for FS2004. All of us up here can't wait to get our hands on Lennart's FSX version of Sweden. There is some great freeware for Norway and Finland as well. If you'd like links I can provide them.
  3. He he... Haven't got any feelings for this project anymore, so I'm not worked up - more like wondering wether a laugh or a cry is in order Flight bored me from day one and I've got no hopes it will get any better. But it is still a very interesting game to follow as I don't understand a thing of what Microsoft is doing or what people who like Flight are attracted to. It's a real Sherlock Holmes mystery to me. Howard said they were aiming for 20 million users. If they succeed I'll have to reconsider my entire view on the PC gaming industry. Flight is then a real game changer (pun intended)
  4. Next Flight DLC is yet another arcade aircraft: https://news.microsoftflight.com/blogs/news/archive/2012/03/27/the-zero.aspx I guess the facebook comments says it all: http://www.facebook.com/msflight Are these guys nuts, or is this based on the P-51 being the most popular DLC download?
  5. How so? From where I sit, digital imagery in all its various forms and Kodak's unwillingness or inability to adapt quickly or completely enough to it killed them. The marketplace voted with their wallet and Kodak lost the election because there were suddenly more convenient, more attractive, more economical alternatives to what they were selling. It's probably more accurate to say they died from having their head in the sand. Kodak invented the digital camera, but decided that going commercial with the tech would hurt film sales (they sold tech to competing camera firms), so they decide
  6. Tech companies need to focus on more than the next quarter. Greed killed Kodak, and has seriously hurt Nokia and Sony. Tech is about innovation and taking risks. I'm no Apple fan, but am still in awe of how they crushed Sony's Walkman franchise with the iPod and made smartphones and tablets a must have item while the competition were too busy milking their ageing cows. Flight is an excuse for a game. It stinks of low budget and is below the dignity of the worlds largest software company who I have loyally supported for 25+ years. Because of that I've tried very hard to find something to like
  7. To me it's just great to have two versions of FSX installed on one computer. I always missed that before. Now I use P3D for freeware aircraft and sceneries to make sure I don't mess up my FSX install, or I can set up FSX for Airliner flying and P3D for GA flying for which I use slightly different addons. P3D is no revolution, but a nice addition. Also kudos to LM for making what is essentially FSX SP3.
  8. Yep, too bad it wasn't a patch upgrade. Means a complete reinstall.
  9. Think I'll have to enroll in a class at my local Uni.
  10. One says what one has to say to get free advertising in a glossy magazine... Seems like the Flight team has changed course several times along the way, and will continue to do so depending on what sells and what doesn't. Too bad. I'd rather the Flight team make a flying game out of passion than trying to guess what sells or not.
  11. Too bad they didn't make a good game once they decided to abandon the simulator concept. Flight feels like a watered down version of FSX with some uninspired missions thrown in as an excuse for gameplay. Flight is the flying game where you can fly invisible cargo and passengers around a few islands where all life has been extinct...
  12. No, they're too busy making the "monkey playing guitar and singing the banana in pyjamas song" mission... One can't be bothered with things like peripherals, after all a mouse and keyboard is all you need to expereince the sensation of flight!
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