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  1. I long time coming thank you, but Ive been away LOL. And not because I've been flying. When I start again, if the issue also affects AH2 (when I get it) , I'll keep this info close. Thanks and Happy new year.
  2. Hi Guys, I have been out of the loop from playing Air Hualer...oh sorry... I mean running my Cargo business with Air Hauler for a while now. Any way, business was good until another project, flight simulation related, started to dominate my flight time. But with my first post here, I just wish to clear up an issue I had when I was leasing the "Carenado C208B Cargo Master". The plane was fantastic, except for the time I committed to a contract maxed with fuel and payload.The engines cut on take off approx 1000 feet A.G.L. But apart from that , flying the A/C was great. The issue I
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