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  1. What to do with old FS9 Software...is almost a rhetorical question what to do with it. Actually a case for the trash can. I'd rather give it away, but who needs something like this with this SIM development....
  2. Very good information and indication about Integration into MSFS today. And that doesn't necessarily only apply to this yoke‘s in terms of integration. Thx, Andrew.
  3. Gonna search...bin on Carenado, they don’t at present...thx Tim
  4. I guess so. That also means, that foreseeable, all Developer’s have to contact MS to be accepted there. MS doesn't ask for anything? Can’t believe it. Along the lines to set the fashion... well we gonna see
  5. Also i have another Scale ME109 Red Seven, Resin Model to finish. Parts like real. With accessories, dust, mask, sticker-transparent-finisher, rost-brush....
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