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  1. http://www.scientificamerican.com/slideshow.cfm?id=space-shuttles-enterprise I'd imagine there were a few tears that day. Absolutely breathtaking photos.
  2. Then you do believe in Santa Claus Might as well. Nothing else to believe in.
  3. This basically. Let's just get on with FS11 and hope for a 2014 release.
  4. wow - they must be having a serious challenge selling anything to launch on Steam... That's like Sony trying to sell phones in the Apple store! I wonder how long before they declare Flight a failed project.
  5. I'm with you on that one, John...when I was more active in the 'community' I met some fanatics who actually took offense at the word 'game' used in conjunction with MSFS - so much so that a slur campaign was started against the Aces Studio head because Microsoft was re-branding MSFS under the 'Microsoft Games' label at trade shows. lol - yes I appreciate simulation as much as the next sim junkie but getting upset over such things seems rather bizarre and obsessive. With respect to Flight, my point was more geared with respect to the quality of the game as supposed to whether it's a 'game'
  6. True. Where else can one go on the Internet to discuss the finer aspects of cockpit-less aircraft?
  7. Reading the review... So they created a game for a new market they *think* exists (but doesn't in retrospect) and have no time for the market that *does* exist??? Really? What is going on at Microsoft these days?
  8. I'll be the bear in the room. Is there any need for a Microsoft Flight forum any more? This is, of course, subject to the discretion of Mut and the members at large...but personally, it feels almost as though Mut's Hanger is actually endorsing Flight as a serious sim just by having it. There are more credible sims in the 'Other' category that probably deserve a place before Flight. My 2 cents
  9. LMAO! 'Handbook' Wow, these guys really are deluded.
  10. Sums up my thoughts nicely.
  11. "So you can't simulate flying-as-transportation in Flight, and you can't replicate flying-as-fun either. So what's the point? You got me." Spot on.
  12. rabbitc


    800 points for the a stock 'Mustang'? LOL! That can take that and shove it where the sun don't shine.
  13. Gave it a shot with an open mind and man - it is really dumbed down. The fact that it forced you through the b.s. lessons just to get to free flight really annoyed me. Once I was able to get out and fly around, I'm forced to agree, there's not much to see here. For the first time in history, I shut of a new 'sim' from Microsoft within 30 minutes of trying it and haven't thought about it since. Further to that - I can't even see the appeal for the market they're allegedly trying to appeal to - there's just nothing there. It all seems extremely unfinished.
  14. The PC Pilot preview concluded that Flight was not for hardcore fans. But I'm still unsure as to whether that criticism is levelled because of the 'game' design or because the actual flight modelling is simply not up to par.
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