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  1. This part of the question is perhaps wrong for me, a vacation for me is camping and if there are trees and and a flat spot to put my camper on I am a happy camper. I traveled when I was younger and for me it's overrated. I'm sure for others the story would be different so hopefully they will chime in. I guess flying over all over the sim world I have said to myself that would be a nice place to visit but that's as far as that thought would go. Does that help you?
  2. It was so good I thought you were going to sell me something at the end.
  3. That first shot is awesome, nicely caught.
  4. Quote; But could it provide a very slight sense of being somewhere else? If you look on this site for the Around the World Challenge and the Easter Bunny Rally you will see how we use our imaginations of being there to tell our stories of our flights and in that way we see ourselves there but I think all of us or at least for myself, I know it is just a virtual representation of our planet. No doubt we live in a beautiful place and flying around it in the sim is very enjoyable while we view places we could never see in real life but your question was do I feel like a virtual tourist and
  5. Hope you have a new pen because you're about to fill out a lot of forms, sir.
  6. Anything virtual is really just research, real travel includes the sites, sounds, smells and the thrill of being there. For me learning flight and new aircraft and practicing those real world procedures are number one, the scenery is just icing on the cake. MSFS has brought us into a new era of default scenery but if you look close enough there is still a lot missing. So do I consider MSFS virtual tourism, no I consider it a flight simulator that still needs some work in that area but is still fun to fly in. The scenery is important for low and slow flying to find your way and it is
  7. Heron, i.e. the rat ba****d that ate all my prized Koi fish.
  8. I have always enjoyed flying around the UK so I will be downloading it, never bothered with the Japan one.
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