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  1. Nice work Doering, I am constantly amazed at the scenery in MSFS and although not perfect it is pretty darn close for us simmers. Nice day for a flight over a beautiful city.
  2. I did find this on their site and also noted from forums that all liveries must be added using this same tool. NOTE: For FSX/Prepar3D users, all aircraft liveries are available via the PMDG Operations Center which is installed with your product. Not a PMDG user so I would wait for other to chime in.
  3. I think it's looking great but your the artist and they always say their work is never done, I guess we can say that for cockpit builders too.
  4. Amazing bit of kit and a flight simmers dream. As a misplaced New Yorker it's a pleasure to hear that accent again.
  5. brett

    Mt St Michel

    Great shots, I would love to check out the interior of that place after looking at images of it. Anyone else enjoying the heat haze coming from those big pipes in MSFS.
  6. I'm not seeing them. I did take your first address and after pushing the button on the bottom left, 'Insert image from URL' and copying it into the pop up box and then pressing, 'Insert into Post' the image appeared into my post. Hope that helps Alan.
  7. I'm digging that Red Baron bike but is it impressing all the ladies he hopes.
  8. I did look it up on Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_P6M_SeaMaster and it didn't make much sense although they thought so at the time. Still it was sharp looking and the takeoff water spray must have been a sight to see.
  9. What a cool spot for an airport, great landing Wilson.
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