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  1. Thanks Arnie but my main problem now is I still have not downloaded everything. I have gotten to the point where msfs20 is now on my PC but I still have 60GB to go on the update screen and this has been going on for days now. Originally I kept trying to redownload from the Store but at some point it said the game was running and I noticed it was in fact in my start menu, closed the game out and restarted and it wanted to update. Not sur how I got to that point as the loading bar was woefully light. Slowly chipping away from the original 75GB shown my download speed has been fluctuating a
  2. I'm trying to download mfs20 myself, after the screen that said 'hit any key' to get started it took a good 30sec or more before anything happened but I was finally on my way. Unfortunately it is a long road and it has been downloading now for almost seven hours now and is only at 30%. I am using a wireless connection which probably slows things down and watching the resource monitor it fluctuates between 2-32 Mbps. Either my provider is limiting me(44Mbps download check) or Microsoft is swamped, my guess is the former. Only 70 gigs to go.... After my FSX took a dump I haven't fl
  3. Sorry for your predicament Alan, I certainly hope you get everything back in one piece and all gets settled fairly. Also remember that within the law one must hit first so get with your lawyer soonest.
  4. Not often you see an airspeed indicator like that.
  5. Swing and a miss and not the Simulation we were looking for.
  6. I had to klick on the image to get the full beauty of it and it delivered. Great shot Bri.
  7. Nicely narrated and edited sir. Even though I have landed on thousands of runways in the sim there was always a bit of a white knuckle factor in the one way ones. fs20 is like flying in a postcard and the views heading into that airport are no different.
  8. Good one and it deserves to be copied over to the Jokes thread.
  9. You know he hates when you give out his beauty secrets. Women's Makeup
  10. Flight sims are too much fun to stick with one aircraft for too long, that's not to say I don't take the time to learn the checklists and try to fly by the book. Airliners of course take more time than GA yet give more back in pride if one has the time. If time is limited I am not beyond Control+E and taking a spin with no rules but my own. The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it. -JLH
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