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  1. Ted Cook has released the Clutton Trabenor FRED a British homebuilt that began its life in the late 5os powered by a Triumph motorcycle engine, a Luton Minor style parasol wing desgn the FRED has about fifty copies flying worldwide, Its classic Ted Cook, Available now at Ted's website and of course "The Pond" (www.britsim,com) Enjoy Leif
  2. Well I guess I will add one DH Hornet Moth - in good company on a Breakfast Patrol somewhere in the Midlands 1965
  3. Glad Garry found his way The 44 is now also available at Britsim to registered members only. Also there is a response thread there as well as CBFSim The Fs9 Superfreighter will be in place shortly. Leif
  4. Hey Mut Simple thing == did you check the fuel panel to see if the cross feeds and boosters to three and four were open , Then - and a lot of people had trouble with this because the Proteus and the Tyne used different systems - The Britannia was an internal start ( no air start cart required) Where as the Tynes in the 44 were all bleed air started - so #1 is started from a ground air start cart *(huffer) then bleed air from # 1 is selected to the appropriate engine, I told you, Fraser makes a very immersive cockpit, that's why many many people binned Rick Pipers Viscount because they cou
  5. Alan Garry Russell plans the complete series from the Yukon through the Guppy complete with a full package of Paints -- the UK ones will be familar to you BAF,TMAC,Tradewinds and RedCoat , The PreRelease model that Kieran is reviewing will be available at www.britsim.com very shortly - its a BIG file over 120mb including Frasers brilliant panel and sound set, I can tell you there will be no VC for either Fs9 or FSX -- however again, Frasers cockpit is so indepth you wont miss it believe me. Garry also has a FULL Britannia package he is working on of ALL models both Pax and Cargo , again t
  6. I can't remember saying I'd review the Provost, but hey, another review to do and it'll keep me busy. And yet another one before I move over to payware reviews. But I'll still review freeware OOPS! Leif But it is rather a nice bit of kit though
  7. So Kieran have you downloaded Peter Watkins beautiful Irish paint for the Provo yet? Right up your alley I would think Leif
  8. We at "The Pond" would like to thank you for your op ed piece on our updating our website (www.britsim.com) The downloading problems we were experiencing seem to have improved vastly with the change to a new server. Rob's Shackelton has taken nearly 300 successful downloads since we made the change on Saturday and several of our members there have tried various multiple downloads of other large files with complete success. Also thanks to Keirnan for offering to review both the Shack and Keith Paines' wonderful Provost. I hope everyone will take a look through out library and find what th
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