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  1. Nah...that's for wimps This is what I polish every Sunday Morning before Brekkie http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.murdoconline.net/2008/NASA_super_guppy.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.murdoconline.net/archives/5614.html&h=960&w=1280&sz=96&tbnid=5pvw96VsB8q1yM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=121&zoom=1&usg=__HEC8fv6Coa6BGgmboNl8YGLj_C8=&docid=LcKx11aEJH7v7M&hl=en-GB&sa=X&ei=dBzbUZusFcKc0AX-xYGYCA&ved=0CEcQ9QEwBA&dur=906
  2. DH Comet 3B RAE Blind Landing Experimental Unit
  3. Thanks Guys. Mention QF to me and that's the first thing I think of as that was what they went around in during my formative years. When I was painting for Rick with the 748 pack, that was top of my intended list.
  4. I think that perhaps you should space the lettering out a bit ??
  5. Original post first please...just like a book it should start at the beginning
  6. Hi Alan It seems to get it right sometimes but others it's way off It is also upside down in FS9 with the lit side of the cresent for example, facing away from the Sun
  7. Glad you're sorted Charlie I didn't do much apart from make suggestions to widen the thought chain a bit. There is usually a simple easy to fix solution, it's sometimes just a little tiresome trying to find out where it might be.
  8. Hi Charlie From your pics it certainly looks like smoke rather than trails Sometimes these things are controlled by gauges rather than default commands For example smoke that automatically appears only on high RPM (I wouldn't work in that case) or contrails for props as the contrails is only default for jet engines. I'm just thinking of something here that may not be obvious
  9. Shouldn't contrail form more so in lower temperatures? Aircraft taking off in the Artic/Northern Canada in the winter can contrail at ground level as in "Ice Pilots". So reducing the temp won't get rid of them I would have thought Sounds like a screw up elsewhere.
  10. Reverse engineering...does that mean they put the stick on back to front so it would be the right way up in the southern hemisphere when they invaded Australia !!!!!
  11. The middle one of the above three is a DC 2
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