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  1. Excellent shots! Got to love the C130! sorry always wanted to use this one! haha
  2. Hi George! Fianlly got it sorted with help from AIG! Had the wrong sim= name! Aircraft are landing more often now aswell! Thanks for the excellent guide! Pete
  3. Excellent shot! I am still amazed how people can edit this well!
  4. I cant figure out when AI traffic should be landing! I have added about 8 airliners including the Virgin from your example! I just cant figure out the landing times from the flightplans!
  5. Hi all I have added Icelandair with the Cargo Division! The passenger side works but I cant find any cargo aircraft! Everytime I look at the flighplans I get confused at the time! Can some one expalin when an aircraft will arrive and depart! //Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200 AC#4,TF-FIH,1%,WEEK,IFR,1/00:25,@1/02:25,320,F,0421,LEMD,1/03:55,@1/04:50,250,F,0421,LEVT,1/19:40,@1/21:10,290,F,0123,LFSB,1/22:00,@1/22:45,280,F,0123,EBLG,2/02:30,@2/05:40,320,F,0783,BIKF,2/06:25,@2/12:15,360,F,0783,KJFK,2/14:00,@2/19:25,310,F,0782,BIKF,2/20:35,@2/23:30,370,F,0782,EBLG,3/02:30,@3/05:40,320,F,0783,B
  6. You have a broken AFCAD! Download a new one from Avsim!
  7. Ok it works now but I don't seem to get the AI traffic landing! Could it be something to do with AFCADS?
  8. Excellent! :great: I've just tried it and it didn't work! O well! Will reinstall and try again!
  9. Great picture! Just amazing!
  10. A great mile stone! Long may it continue!
  11. OMG how is this Flight Sim! Nice livery aswell, basic but looks posh!
  12. My bad! I meant Rob! Excellent Review Mut! Looks like a great addon!
  13. Haha, I'm half Aussie and we like to drink! Even more when your 18! Thanks for the comments lads! Enjoy luck Sim Av8! Pete
  14. I really like this sceney! Had it before but as you said it takes an age to download! Great review Rob! I always had one problem with the scenery tho! It seems to disapper at EHAM after a few minutes! Random!
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