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  1. Hi hifly, I hope that everything has gone okay for you to this point. I'd like to share my experiences with a recent install in case it's of help to anyone else. After installing Gold to an SSD close to a year ago I decided to install both Windows and Gold to a larger SSD. I did a clean install of Windows 7 64 pro. Got all the drivers and updates taken care of. i decided to install Gold to "C:\FS". I install all of my flight sim related programs to this main folder; not for any performance considerations, it's just easy to remember. I have the UAC at the recommended and didn't do anythin
  2. Hi, This sounded interesting so I've decided to check it out. I discovered that the top 2 files must be downloaded from the page displayed by the provided link; not just the update. I don't speak French so after downloading the "New" file I copied the readme to a new Word document and saved it as a ".htm" file. I opened the file with Chrome which automatically translated the file to English. I haven't installed it yet but noticed the install files are ".exe"s. I intend to translate the original readme similarly before installing. Jim F.
  3. Hi, Useful program. Alone, the ability to print the actual current keyboard control assignments in alphabetical order makes the program of real benefit to me. Identify missing gauges seems another real plus. I haven't checked things out extensively but the only thing that gave me real pause was a pet peeve of mine: stating that setting the wide screen mode to true has something to do with the aspect ratio of the monitor. It does not. It simply changes the normal view (what you see when you hit backspace) to .7 of normal. A minor distortion which allows seeing more of the instrument pane
  4. The caption from a picture in the review of a Stearman parked in the grass: "The Stearman was originally designed for grass strips. Here it is in its natural habitat. So why did I get dinged on a challenge for landing on the grass instead of the pavement at a small, back country airstrip? Dumb." Seems more like a nail "in" the head review to me. Dumber! And were we supposed to feel compassion when even the reviewer's modest (albeit unrealistic) hopes were so cruelly dashed by Microsoft? What a whiner! Jim F.
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