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  1. ben_davies247

    Hi Guys

    Hello, Nice to see Mutleys is still thriving and has a great community. I haven't been simming much, due to studying and what not, and if I'm honest, I think I'm starting to move on from it. I still want to fly commercially as a career, but FS just seems to have lost it's buzz So I have some addons that I am looking to sell, to let someone else enjoy the "powers" of flight simulator! The addons I have to sell are: 737 PIC 777 Professional Concorde Professional ITVV Limited Edition Box Airliner Pilot Traffic 2005 FSX Deluxe Any reasonable offers considered, and if Mutley you disagree
  2. I remmember when I started one of these on JF, they get carried away a bit sometimes don't they : D Dancing : )
  3. ben_davies247

    @ Mullet

    Hi Fred, do you happen to have that link to all that freeware scenery? It was categorised into Countrys from one page, I think it was you who posted it... Thanks :dance2: Ben
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to post a video I made about Steven Gerrard. Enjoy, comments and feedback appreciated! Considering that it's made with the bog standard WMM, I think it's alright : D Tell me what you think [tube]QaH1O8jT1u0[/tube] Or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaH1O8jT1u0
  5. Lovley shot Dave :clap:
  6. I'm sorry guys, I haven't been playing FS alot at all recently, and it isn't working, probably the same problem Dave has had in the past. I am as annoyed and dissapointed as you lot probably are, and am annoyed that I haven't been able to fly a leg properly. So I'll resign from the ATWC, and will have to have to pass my leg onto someone else. I apologise to all those who I have kept waiting, and should have undertaken a leg, if I wouldn't have the time, or the system to get it going :mrhappy: Sorry again guys
  7. Sorry for the late reply, but yes she is a beauty. I was lucky enough to go to RAF Conningsby and touch it and look in the cockpit!
  8. Howdy Hoo Gents, I'll start the topic tommorow, as too say I'm tired would be an unerstatement, and I'll try and get the shots before the weekend :???:
  9. Cracking shots John, loved them. And a nice and different aircraft too
  10. Happy Birthday Mut, a perfect oppourtunity to thank for you for this fantastic website, forum, and just your amazingly fantasic input into the MH Community, and infact, any that you are involved in. Your are definatley an extremley valued member in both MH and JF, even if you are the founder of the first! !Happy Birthday Mut!
  11. Cracking shot's Sam, did the falls more justice than I ever could!
  12. Unfortunatley there has been a set back and won't be able to fly Leg 30 'til tommorow.....sorry
  13. Right, just gathering the route information now. Will fly the leg and get the shots, but if Joe wants to take over as he's back, you are more than welcome too Departure estimated in about 30 minutes.
  14. Sorry for the double post, and Dai, no, it's the arrival field (Midway). It does look extremley similar though doesn't it.
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