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  1. It does seem an oddly irrelevant path down which to seek further levels of fidelity as far as FSX is concerned! There must be a market for it, else they wouldn't do it, but I can't say I will be inspired to buy this. All I want from Orbx is the NZNI, so I can finally fly between the two and over to Oz with seamless scenery and then to see what they come up with for the UK.
  2. Indeed I have now dialled down the bloom and HDR a notch - as you say, it looks great on the clouds, but tends to blow out the plane a little! Doesn't it just have that certain something? It is the one plane I always come back to. Cheers!
  3. A few shots climbing out of Christchurch International on a wet, blustery day in my beloved Real Air Turbine Duke. ORBX NZSI along with Rex Overdrive and a touch of FXAA injector (possibly a notch too much!), otherwise untouched.
  4. Are you sure your FSX is installed to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X? As you are running Windows 7, unless you changed the default installation path, it likely put itself in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X... As an aside, I would be a little careful with this product - a few reviews and user comments I came across seemed to suggest that the install/uninstall is a little broken and can mess up your original FSX textures if you are not cautious!
  5. New drivers seem sound enough - though don't offer any change to the performance in FSX! Sadly those days are long gone...
  6. Just seen this and hope I am not too late to offer a few thoughts on your spec and some of the comments above: 1) IMPORTANT! The processor you have specced is the 2500...you need to be looking at a nnnnk model, such as the 2500k or 2600k etc. In order to wring the best performance out of FSX, it is really worth overclocking your CPU from the default speed - especially as you are looking to buy a decent cooler. The non-K suffixed Intel chips are not designed for OCing and do not have an unlocked multiplier, thus preventing you from making any any meaningful OC. From the site you are looking at
  7. Thing is, I remember fixing this once before...but I rebuilt my PC recently and I can't for the life of me remember what I did last time! Every time I logon to Windows (7 Pro, 64 bit), AH launches automatically and I would really prefer it didn't. I can't see anything in the startup folder, nothing in services or within MSCONFIG, nor within the AH options themselves - any ideas on how I stop it? Cheers!
  8. All wise words John. I think rather than the reference company, I will just keep the exported Excel sheet from one with all the details in for when I need them! You are correct - think it is just my anal-retentiveness coming through causing me to want to add every add-on plane in my hanger in from the start!
  9. Bingo! Had just worked it out myself after rosiariomanzo put me on the right track above. The "H" button was the key - the Carenado T210 has the rocker switch for the Prop/Carb Heat removed from the panel (assume because it is a turbo it doesn't have a carb??) but obviously FSX has other ideas... Mission rescued! Thanks to the both of you, the good people of Kaikura, NZ will get their prawns after all. Cheers
  10. Hello forumites! I hope you can shed some light on my dilemma - I am currently on pause mid-flight half-way across the South Island of New Zealand and this crate of frozen prawns is beginning to smell funky... So: I am flying along at around 6000ft, climbing at about 1200fpm to a planned cruising height of 10500, above mountainous terrain and the weather is cloudy. T210 is behaving fine as usual, when all of a sudden, the engine starts to sound a bit...rough. Over a period of about 5 minutes, the manifold pressure guage drops off to nothing, my fuel flow is very low and the prop RPM about
  11. In the options for Airhauler, have you checked that the path to the FSX folder is correct? It may well have defaulted to C:\program files\microsoft games\FSX etc instead of your F:\<my FSX folder>
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