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  1. A beautiful docu-video of the gentlemen who started the quest for our hobby. Thanks Doering, that was just lovely.
  2. Hi Guys, After a nice xmas present came my way in the for of a new Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant, I have a couple of Saitek units for sale. 1. Saitek Multi Panel. 2. Saitek Switch Panel. Both boxed and in perfect working order and well looked after. I am looking for £80 + postage for each item. Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers Brian
  3. I agree with you Phil and Joe. Mutley's Hangar is a friendly site and there is a lot of caring folk on here. But as Joe says, a lot have just grown and moved on to other interests. Hang in there, i'm sure there's more to come.
  4. Great aircraft and great shots. I love them all but J002 is my favourite, don't know why.
  5. Nice shots Phil, thanks for sharing them. I also like the Kodiak, a great aircraft all round. Cheers
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