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  1. Great shots Mut'. Loving the sky. Enjoy the Hog Roast :smile:
  2. And there was I, thinking I'd got myself on the wrong bus GReat shots Dai, well done. :baton: TRBs got it,....alledgedly.
  3. 1st - Welcome back Soya. Been missing your inspirational screenshots. Glad you are back. 2nd - Fantastic screenies. I wish I could get somewhere near your standard. :biggrin:
  4. TBH Rob there was a bit of sliding around on the grass as I hit the deck but managed to get onto the tarin the end Thanks for the comments though. I thought I would set up the fire just to see if I could cope. I soon realized.....No I can't I was wrangling with my yoke and pedals for what seemed like forever but good fun al the same. Cheers.
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where Soya is? No screenshots from him for quite a while now. Strange..
  6. and :great: again. The water in shot 7 :blush: It is real .....isn't it??? What were your settings for these shots Rob'? :great:s
  7. Hi Guys, Apologies for the wait but here are my flight pics for Leg 2. From Kalamata to Iraklion with a twist in the middle. Hope the wait was worth it for you and please enjoy. Regards Needles Parked at Kalamata awaiting clearance for StartUp. StartUp approved and on my way. Taxiing to Hold Short. Requesting Takeoff. After a good initial climb out all seems well ad clearing Kalamata Airspace. Climbing steadily and making good time, should be quite a good hop this trip. I love the clear blue wates around these islands. Out over the open briney now and all is well wit
  8. Now whose idea was it to post the screenshots of the Aegean Adventure here? I've been checking the Mini Adventure forum for Mut's shots and completelt missed the fact that everyone was waiting for me to take off. My deepest apologies guys. I will be flying wednesday (early pm) and will get the shots up in the evening. :great: :blush: PS. Fantastic shots Mut' hope mine will come out ok.
  9. Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to fly we go........... :nea: No disrespect intended to anyone!
  10. Give it time and maybe they will. Hopefully.
  11. Brilliant Mut' Jealous as hell. My namesake looks great from the angle you took the shot. It sort of scared me when you asked if we could spot the airstrip.....I couldn't until you were about to land. :blush:
  12. needles


    It appears we have started on the slippery slope thanks to MartinW. I don't even get it :blush: Ban him for the rest of the year Mut', that will teach him a lesson. :blush:
  13. Thanks SEATAC, I have ordered one this evening from Amazon at
  14. Cheers Mut', Yeah I did know about JF but thought I would try and get it cheaper elsewhere but it appears that the Panel may seem cheaper to start with, but then they add on delivery so it amounts to the same really. Plus if I do go with JF I will get the loyalty points also. Ah well. :blush:
  15. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can purchase the Pro flight switch panel from Saitek, without having to pay over inflated delivery costs just because I live in the Highlands? I tried Dabs, they stated that UK Mainland was free delivery but the I put my postcode in and it jumps to ove
  16. needles


    Hi Guys, Just a quick update on what was wrong. It appears that I had not been sent the correct up-to-date version of VoxATC for Vista 64. All is now ok and I am conversing with the tower again. Yippee! Cheers
  17. I told them when I applied for the job that I was no use at tree surgery!
  18. Hi Guys, not many takers on the last Capcomp' but still a funny bunch. I feel the winner is:--- Simply because that's just what my (Cessna) Yorkshire neighbour keeps shouting at me over the fence......I'm from Lancashire originally. So I found the humour was very apt. Well Done Wisemanp. Get ready with your next pic' :great:
  19. needles


    HI guys I have installed Vista x64 and I also have the updated version of VoxATC. For some reason the Panel Setup won't run. The indexer works fine but not the VAPanel setup. I have added it to the exceptions in my firewall and I have even tried turning the firewall off but to no avail. Have any of that have VoxATC cme across this problem and if so, what did you do. Hoping you have some ideas as I have exhausted what knowledge I have about it. I did get in touch with Bob at RCSimulations who put me in touch with Tegwyn West. He suggested that it was something to do with the registry but ha
  20. Ok Guys here is the next picture for you to comment on. It's not mine , I found it on the internet. Good luck.
  21. Well done Brian (Aka Needles) You are the winner, can you post the next one? Cheers NOoooooooooo!!!!!!! I never win anything! It may be a day or so as I don't have any pics on my newly formatted machine. I will do my best to be as quick as possible to keep the thread alive. Thanks for the win.. I am now officially one of life's winners YIPPEE. I have told 'she who must be obeyed' that I am NOT a loser after all
  22. That is the main reason I don't spend a lot of time over ther now. This forum is far far better in all aspects. But, I will be the pround user of AH at xmas so I may pop over there now and again. Let's here it for the Mutley's Hangar Crew, hip hip........
  23. needles


    It's a good un Mut' don't be so negative. It's better than the rubbish I've been trying lately More please. :biggrin:
  24. If that's not real world, I'll hang my yoke up!! No, a seriously good shot and to the forum. Needles
  25. Superb as always Soya What were your REX settings for the alderney shot, if you don't mind revealing? Cheers Needles
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