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  1. Wow Air bit the dust this morning, selling ticket right to the moment of close-down. https://news.sky.com/story/wow-air-grounds-all-flights-as-cash-lifeline-sought-11676973
  2. tonym


    If memory serves me correctly this aircraft was produced by Rick Piper. Rick produced several skins for it but JF were asked to pay Royalties to the RAF for some of them resulting in them not being in the package. It would be interesting to hear if Rick has done the conversion work from the original FSX release. Tony
  3. Are you joining the legal action against FSLabs due to the Malware inclusion in the installer or did you wait for the alleged Maware free installer they have now apparently released.
  4. Guys, For those of you who have purchased the FSLabs A320 are you aware that they also gave you a free gift hidden in the installer. A nice little programme to steal all your log on details and transmit them in the clear back to FSLabs. Totally illegal but they did it with your best interests at heart. You can follow the saga and put in a claim for compensation (If your lucky) by following the various threads. https://www.fidusinfosec.com/fslabs-flight-simulation-labs-dropping-malware-to-combat-piracy/
  5. Hi Stewart, Just copy as you say to the Texture folder associated with the scenery. Tony
  6. Hi Stewart, For the life of me I can't remember where I got the files from. My suggestion would be download what you find and give them a try. Just remember that AGN have specific file names so that one lot will always be replaced by someone else's work. I can't offer to send my files as I have some test work mixed in with the 'free' agn. Without giving you all the files you would still have chunks missing. Cheers, Tony
  7. Hi Stewart, I have all GenX volumes working correctly with the associated tree agn files. Recently I have made my own photo scenery to infill the areas not covered by GenX and Earth Sims using FSET. Those areas are Jersey and Northern Ireland and they too are covered with agn. You should be aware that when ES created trees for Volumes 4-8 they modified default trees with new scaling and consequently guide numbers. You may need to use modified autogen files to get them to show. Alternately download trees from AVSIM, FlightSim or various other sites that use default
  8. I asked a question of members on the ES forum some weeks ago. Would you be willing to pay £10 to have a model of your own home made in order that you could fly over it. I pointed out that the 'client' would need to supply the relevant pictures of the property. Interest generated, zero! If you guys want to give money away I'm happy to accept it. On a monthly basis I can then pass it on to a worthy charity, one that doesn't employ a chief executive on 100K a year or spend 300K on TV advertising. Seasons Greeting to one and all. Tony
  9. Should be working now. You may need to force a refresh of the page. Tony
  10. Guys, If you haven't found my site, link here: http://www.arm-computers.co.uk/html/fsx_latest.html Please don't ask for modification to make it look better at dawn or dusk because you won't get them. If you hate using freeware because you consider it rubbish send a donation to one of the charities listed on my web site then you can think of it as payware. Everyone else, enjoy!
  11. Guys, I have been in touch with Darren and he has given his permission to include modifications to his files in any released package. I'll look to do a simple zip with short install instructions later today or tomorrow, (at latest) and make it available from my own web site. Regards, Tony
  12. Joe, Unfortunately the version on sale is not the one Ted Andrews and I made the models for. The sale version has had our models reworked by ES resulting in the loss of textures. Darren is aware of the missing textures and I'm sure will release them as a patch. Due to file renaming on the modified files I can't supply my texture sheets as they wouldn't be recognised. I can say that I have completed work on models for the area below Snaefell known as Bungalow. I have also made the Motor cycle museum, Sumit Cafe, old/new transmitter buildings and replacement masts. To use them r
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