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Found 9 results

  1. - Free, flight sim-based airport diagram downloads, courtesy of Mutley's Hangar Airports Diagrammed as of 12/2/19: 10,004 Unlike real-world charts, these diagrams are produced from FSX data so will match what you see in your flight sim. The diagrams are jpg files, collected into bundles by country, or in the case of the US, Canada and Australia, by state or province. The bundles are zip files containing the jpgs and a list file in plain text format. These diagrams work directly with the superb fr
  2. I'm beginning this thread in hopes of generating some interest and additional download traffic in the Airport Diagrams which are in a sub-category of the Mutley's Hangar File Library. [EDIT: The File Library can no longer be supported and individual airport diagrams are no longer available for download, however bundles by country, and by state/province for Canada, US and Australia are still available for free download in the Airport Diagrams sub-forum of the Mutley's Hangar Forum. This is still an active project as of 7/17 and bundle files will be updated monthly to roll in new and updated ai
  3. Just bought a C182 at 3M9 for AH2. I took the checkride at 3M9 Warren Municipal. Starting the delivery flight tonight. First stop: KLBL Liberal-Mid America Municipal. Alternate KAMA. WX looking good. Charts by JA
  4. 11/1/13 Airport Diagrams New: KDGW Converse Co - Douglas, Wyoming - US EKYT Aalborg - Aalborg, Denmark KSFF Felts - Spokane, Washington - US Updated: 0A8 Bibb Co - Centreville, Alabama - US (updated) Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 2,380; downloads 2,511; subscribers 17 You may have noticed I took the day off yesterday. Too much to do and not enough day. Today was similar but I managed to get them squeezed in - even an update. The update, 0A8 in Centrevi
  5. 10/1/13 Airport Diagrams New: 72TA Pierce Field - Port O'Connor, Texas - US 1B1 Columbia Co - Hudson, New York - US PHHI Wheeler AAF - Wahiawa, Hawaii - US Updated: KAVL Asheville Regl - Asheville, North Carolina - US (updated) Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 2,294; downloads 2,494; subscribers 16 These are all US airports today, including the update. I guess PHHI, Wheeler AAF is exotic enough to almost be considered foreign. Judging from the footprint ther
  6. 3/2/13 Airport Diagrams Update I'm starting the new monthly thread on the heels of the File Libary and other parts of MH having been repaired. That's prety much caused a disruption in my updating in the Februrary thread. I'll go back and put links in those, but I'm going to begin this month by just listing the airport diagrams that have been added to the MH File Library and have not been reported in the update threads. So here goes... EDIT - 10-29-17: The MH File Library no longer exists but airport diagrams are still available for free download in bundles, by country
  7. 2/1/13 Airport Diagrams New: CYAY St Anthony - St Anthony, Newfoundland - Canada - http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/1944-cyay/ 3C1 Mishawaka Pilots Club - Elkhart, Indiana - US - http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/1945-3c1/ CYPP Parent - Parent, Quebec - Canada - http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/1946-cypp/ ENAN Andoya - Andenes, Norway - http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/1947-enan/ Updated: None Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,710; downloads 2,167; subscribers 13 Today
  8. I'm beginning a new thread for this and will initiate a new one at the beginning of each month for as long as the production of these airport plates continues. Your comments and suggestions are welcome in these threads - feel free to jump right in. 10/1/12 Airport Diagrams New: CAZ5 Cache Creek - Cache Creek, British Columbia - Canada TQPF Wallblake - The Valley, Anguilla Updated: None Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 1,441; downloads 1,852 I'm back on the job at half
  9. Airport diagrams for all the rally airports are now posted in the MH File Library. Somehow I missed UK10 on the first pass but have just created that one and uploaded it. John
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