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  1. Like, this weekend!! From post by John Venema on OrBX Forums. Hello everyone. I guess this is the news perhaps a few people have been waiting for Yesterday we achieved a major milestone in that our Hampshire UK studio (SIM720) handed off the final code to Orbx to prepare the first master installer for final testing. I had the pleasure of looking over a developer's shoulder for a while yesterday while he was flying in a Spitfire and I have to say this region is a jaw-dropper and it really does feel exactly like England, especially since I've flown it many times in both light aircraft and c
  2. From Orbx forums, posted by Beta Tester Rob Newman, I thought the post would be of great interest to our members so I have re-created it here, for the original, visit http://www.orbxsyste...k2000-airports/ Hi all... For those out there who have been wondering and asking about the compatibility of UK2000 airport sceneries with the upcoming FTX England, here is a little information and some comparison shots so you can see for yourself Firstly, let me just make a few points. These have all been raised before, but as this post is specific to the issue, it's worth repeating... 1. UK2000 airp
  3. The latest ORBXLIBS (Version 121010) is now available. Features: -updates to CreatureFlow -new Aero (mainly for P3D compatibility) -few texture updates -added effects files -change to installer (was not overwriting essential files) More here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/49581-orbxlibs-121010-dual-installer/
  4. A few more wide ones, this format is great for the cockpit, not so good for screenshots! These are a couple of Orbx's latest Longview and Lands Inn Ranches. This scenery has nature flow and creature flow so you have to watch for those cattle wandering across the runway! Cheers, Joe
  5. Te Ika-a-Maui The North Island of New Zealand is also known as Te Ika-a-Maui, or "the fish of Maui", gaining this traditional Maori name from the story of the landmass’ formation. The North Island covers about 113,729 square kilometres comprising the smaller of the country’s two main islands. It’s also the 14th largest island in the world. The North Island spans ~830 km from the northern tip of Cape Reinga to Cape Palliser in the south west, and ~460 km from the Cape Egmont light house on the west coast to East Cape. The nation’s capital is Wellington. Commonly, referred to as ‘Windy Wellingt
  6. Published today is my review of FTX US 2W3 Swanson Airport. Another airfield in the ever-expanding PNW network. For more, read on Cheers, Joe
  7. THIS IS THE LAST EVER ORBX SALE! Use this unique opportunity to complete your Orbx collection. Even if you are planning to move to P3D, grab all the Orbx addons at nearly half price then use our free Orbx P3D Migrator Tool to move them all to Prepar3D at your leisure. There will never be another chance to purchase the quality of Orbx at these prices, and we're keeping the prices low during the whole month of April to give everyone the chance to take part. After April we have many other surprises in store for you. Stay tuned!
  8. Carenado 210T with REX Essential repaint. (Available in our file library ) A few from me Made it! Thanks for looking. Joe
  9. For anyone who uses FTX scenery the update is available here
  10. CEJ4 Claresholm Industrial airport near Claresholm, Alberta, Canada, is about one hour drive south from the previously released CEN4 High River Regional airport. It was one of the many RAF training bases in Alberta during the WW2. After the war it served briefly as a NATO training base before being decommissioned in 1958. Please read about the history of this airfield in attached Release Notes included in the package. Today the airport is used for GA traffic, there is a repair shop at the premises, too. Take the short flight from CEN4 and do some touch and go practice there. Or why not to fir
  11. There are some long awaited titles up soon including: FTX, New Zealand South Island YBAS, Alice Springs S43, Harvey Field YMMB, Moorabbin PAKT, Ketchikang YMMB, Wollongong W52, Goheen OS9 Jefferson County Check out the FTX forums more more details .
  12. From John Venema, CEO Orbx Hello all, We've decided to heed customer feedback, and in a similar vein to how Ultimate Terrain X can disable its night lighting effects, we have tested some simple ways to disable the FTX lights and found substantial performance gains in city and urban areas, particularly places like Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne. We always knew that the FTX lights took a hit on FPS, but due to the way lights are implemented in the FSX code the light effect is polled for by the engine even during the day even when it is not used which incurs a needless perf
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