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Found 12 results

  1. can't explain this guys home built simulator, every time i watch videos from him; im just stunned; i cant tell what he's got going there, but he's got one heck of immersion going like Ive never seen before; enough with words; just watch for yourself, Pat's P47 Thunderbolt
  2. Night Environment X Manager (NEXM) v1.2 Update with the release of Prepar3D we are updating NEXM with support for the new Sim Platform please follow these instructions to update your Night Environment X Manager to support the latest Prepar3D v3.x complete instruction and files posted here Santa Monica overlooking KLAX, Night Environment California in Prepar3D v3.0
  3. Aerosoft Night Environment Alps v1.7 Released!!! http://www.nightenvironment.com/alps.html
  4. yea little play on words; but who can argue NE with this Real world time-laps Night Landing at Chicago O'hare International Airport
  5. I’d like to invite our customers and friends to join our new dedicated Night Environment Community Forums at http://forums.nightenvironment.com/ this will be our main support hub from here on, for any support issues and help with our products; our customers have a home now
  6. Aerosoft Night Environment Massachusetts v1.7 with NEXM Released! http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=96556 Team Creative Design Studios are proud to present - Night Environment Massachusetts with v1.7 Architecture and NEXM, Massachusetts is a New England state known for its significant Colonial history. There are 45 airports available to the public in Massachusetts. Of all the International airports in Massachusetts, the Gen Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is the only international airport. More than 40 airlines fly from this airport, including Aer Li
  7. NIght Environment Germany has been updated to v1.7; the update include a brand new Architecture and NEXM Support
  8. Team Creative Design Studios and Aerosoft are very proud to announce the release of - Night Environment France with v2 Architecture and NEXM, our long awaited project is now available; Over 4 years of cumulative development are expressed through this amazing production of France night environment, more details available here and here
  9. Aerosoft Night Environment New York Independent Review Published by Nels_Anderson (FlightSim.com) Review Author: Justin Cogo "In the above picture Manhattan is clearly visible, but can you notice something different about the scenery? Do some large parts of the scenery look much different than other parts? If you answered yes then you're correct! On the left New Jersey looks like default FSX scenery, but Manhattan and the rest of New York look somewhat more refined and colorful. New York State's night-scenery is updated with real topographic databases and using 3D-light modelling New York S
  10. Save 30% on all existing Aerosoft Night Environment product line!!! Our entire product line for Night Environment v1.x is about to get a face lift with a brand NEW v1.7 the new 1.7 version will include new enhancements and our new NE.X.Manager! thanks to v1.7 redesigned architecture and NEXM; further enhancements can be delivered to enrich night flying, the new v1.7 and up line will also cost roughly 30% higher than current pricing, the good news are; if you pick up your preferred region now, the new v1.7 line will be a free upgrade for existing customers.
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