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Airport Diagrams - May 2013 Additions and Updates

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5/24/13 Airport Diagrams


Note:  Links in this article are no longer functional.  As of June 2017, the MH File Library no longer exists, nor can airport diagrams be downloaded individually.  Instead there's a new Airport Diagram Download Center available here...
Only bundle downloads are supported now, mainly by country, but also by state/province in the case of the US, Canada and Australia.
Subscriptions, requests, on-demand bulk transfers and e-mail fulfillment of individual airport files are available on that page.



O57 Bryant - Bridgeport, California - US

- http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/file/2268-o57/




Current Airport Diagram Stats @ Mutley’s Hangar: Uploads 2,027; downloads 2,381; subscribers 14


Just one today. This should have been an update day and I normally do the update second, so just didn't get to it tonight. Had another hard day laboring in the barn, giving it a much needed sprucing up.


Anyway, the airport today is O57, Bryant, in Bridgeport CA. Seeing the ICAO code I was expecting it to be in Ohio or Oklahoma. It must be in a desolate part of California, judging from the paucity of navaids in the environs. Not only are their none within 20 NM of the airport, the nearest one is almost 60 NM away. The place appears to be in the high desert out near the Nevada state line, about where the beach will be after then big one hits out there. Well, maybe not, the elevation is almost 6,500'.



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If you'd like to subscribe (free) and have all new and updated airport diagram files e-mailed to you,

contact me at allardjd@earthlink.net with a Subject Line of "Airport Diagram Subscription".

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