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May / June = The Comedy Awards!

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Due to vacations in the office we will be running this competition over 2 months, the end date will be 30/06/2013.


The good news is that we will have 3 prizes to give away! thsmiles60-1.gif


So for this competition we take our caption competition into comedy award mode, we would like to see your shots taken in flight sim, they can be edited to add the punch line or caption, if you do not have a photo editor such as paint.net or Paint Shop Pro then just post the shot with a caption underneath.

Normal rules apply, 3 maximum of 3 shots per member,  good luck!



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This should be fun:


Edit: forgot I entered the first 2 shots ages ago, I shall add 2 replacements.


'Spotting for Tigers.'



Spotting for exotic birds



Spotting for a runway




Good luck all.


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Welcome to Mutley's, Jim. As PostImage.com allows you to resize the image, maybe you could use that function? Alternatively, you could upload a larger image in, say, jpg format...

Nice pic, by the way! :thum:

Cheers -Dai. :cool:

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Synchronized thinking......



Ever get a chill up your spine for no reason (that you know of)



Maybe it's best to explain the details to the boss later....



Best of luck to all participants, remember you have to be in it to win it.

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"Sir? Did we forget to raise the anchor? The ground seems to have followed us up!"





"You've come to the wrong neighbourhood, fool!"wrongneighbourhood_zpsfeecf35c.png


"The passengers were worried about the new pilot from Australia, but at least he was confident behind the wheel of an aircraft."




Good luck all!


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Thanks everyone for your entries and giving us all a few laughs.  :rofl:


As promised we have 3 winners, and they are, in no particular order:


DUCK - By Dodgy Alan

Apache - By ddavid
Carpark - By mike H
Congratulations guys, please check your PM's  :yess:


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