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Time to dust off your Soviet collection!


Any Soviet designed civil aircraft in any situation. The more dramatic the shot the higher it will be judged  ;)


Good luck everyone the usual rules apply and the contest finishes 23:59 UTC 31st July 2013


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OK I'll start the ball rolling, these pics as usual subject to change.

First up, my favourite, The AN-2


Then we have the TU114, the fastest and most powerful propliner ever built.



Finally the Ilyushin IL-18, this Tarom aircraft seen climbing away from Innsbruck




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Quick question, are we allowed to use aircraft that are now produced in the breakaway states or are they to be strictly Russian. In other words, places like Ukraine, Latvia, etc that were part of Russia but not now?

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Been a while since I joined in on one of these contests, but here goes..


An AN-2 (Guessing we will see a fair amount of those in this contest) lined up for approach into runway 25 at Glenforsa (ULL)



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Some classic USSR aircraft from me. First up, a pair of Tu-154M's




The Il-62 - one of the all time classic airliners, very much a VC-10-ski in looks




And finally, the Yak-40 at night. Just gotta love the military-style lighting!



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