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Leg 3: Nantes Atlantique, LFRS - Bareclona El Prat, LEBL

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After having the baton left for me by John in the late afternoon I thought, why not fly down through the night in something nice and slow? Depart as the sun sets and arrive as the sun rises. I spoke to the ramp hands and asked them to prepare the Diamond Katana for me, I thought it would be an ideal choice for the flight, and a welcome break from the tube liners




As I was walking out to the aircraft my phone buzzed...




Oh boy, here we go again. Sharon has found some fame on the reality TV show 'Air Hostesses Gone Wild' and has become quite the socialite since. As La Rochelle was more or less on my flight path (co-incidental eh?) I thought why not. Some company would be welcome.


After the pre flight checks I was ready to go and begin this leg of the ATWC


It was a very nice and calm day today, perfect for VFR flying.REX was working it's magic once again



Our cruise altitude was only 1,500ft for this flight, which was perfect for watching the world go by below






Before too long La Rochelle popped into view and we began to fly the traffic pattern



Turning finals



Getting down nice and low over La Rochelle



A little bit to the left, easy to fix





After a nice and easy landing I left the ramp guys to secure the aircraft as I went to find Sharon



Sharon: Hi Rob, are we ready to go?

Rob: Sure, have you any bags to bring?

Sharon: Yeah they are in the terminal, would you go and get them please?


Off I trotted to find the  baggage. Afetr finding it I needed to make a call to Joe


'Joe, we're going to need a bigger plane!'



Joe told me to sit tight and he's get something sent down overnight for us.


The next day....


We got to the airport nice and early and after a while heard the rumbling of what sounded like the big plane we had asked for


Joe had come through again for us!


I went and did the paperwork and went out to find the aircraft already prepared for flight



Without wasting any more time we took to the skies



The Electra is an old bird, but I felt right at home in this cockpit



I took her up to 11,500ft and settled back for the cruise to Barcelona



Strange shadow



..Passing over the MUT NDB aswell



The Sharon threw me another curveball.


She'd heard that the paparazzi were waiting for her en mass at Barcelona and asked me to divert to Girona for her so that she could escape them. Sure no problem.


Landing at Girona



Parked up



As we went to the terminal Sharon received a phone call.......


It turns out one of her co-stars had asked her to attend, and contribute, to a talk she was giving at the University of Air Hostesses in Barcelona (c'mon give me a break I'm trying to fit it into the story!). Her friend was based up in the mountains at La Cerdanya, LECD. There was no way the Electra would fit into that airport, so we arranged for Sharon's baggage to be forwarded to the university whilst we headed off the LECD in a rental Mooney Bravo


This was only going to be a short flight, but I was beginning to think that the Baton was going to be going around in Spain for ages



I had to make a quick climb to 9,500ft



The airport is in a long valley. I thought that it would be best to get into the valley early and descend slowly.



To make the flight more interesting the mountains were surrounded in cloud



Although the hills were a little close for comfort



Descending down the valley was tricky with this cloud cover





But the scenery was still very nice



The runway is out there somewhere




After landing Sharon decided that she was going to spend the night there and her friend would fly them into Barcelona the next day in the Mooney (what are the chances, an air hostess with a PPL....). Which left me with the choice of drinking all night with two socialite air hostesses, or getting the baton to Barcelona the same day.


Easy choice, the baton it is. Although the only other aircraft available was a DC-6 parked at the other side of the airfield (don't ask how it got there as it might ruin the continuity)



The runway is very short, and the DC6 is quite big...


Once over the tree it was time to get over the mountains



The flight to Barcelona was a short one, before long we were being guided down to our landing, in very strong and gusty winds



Lining up with these winds was hard as this is a very sluggish bird




Eventually after a crazy adventure the Baton arrives at Barcelona, although the Boeing and Airbus guys are a bit bemused as to why this old war bird has arrived



Here is the route of Leg 3



I'm off to put my feet up whilst Rosario gets ready to head to Gibraltar



For those who are interested I'll upload the flight plan to the file library later today/tomorrow





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Was fully involved in the story with you Rob.  Brilliant.


Can't wait to get my hands on meet Sharon later in the journey..  :whis:


Brian will have no chance with her when I tell her what he said..  :woot:




Brian never had a chance.  Sharon rejected him outright years ago.  :cool:




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Oi you lot.

I may be on hols but I swear, when I return, my keyboard will be buzzing with expletives aimed at you all.

I won't be employing Sharon's services on my leg, as I have a new lush to assist me called.....

Ah! You'll have to wait and see.

So quiet down forthwith.

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