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Got the moon by the tail (Revised this one with updated High Res Moon textures)....(omg...I swear there is a p-38 in there...I need Photoshop badly to adjust the brightness a tad. :( )




Managed to get my two new monitors configured for dual screen use in FSX...my first wiiiiiide screen shot :)




Because I think I might have picked up a few passing between the trees... calling this one "Luna Tick Fringe"




Not for contest consideration, but just to prove that it wasn't a crazy landing in an awesome airplane. "STOL FTW!!!" :D

Whatever the US govmint paid for these babies, it was worth every penny and then some. Able to go nearly into space (I took it up to 100,000 ft), return 2 states away and nail an STOL landing usingless than half (i was a little long of the numbers) of a sub 1000meter field with the best brakes in the game...Wooooooossssshhhhhhhh...fun boat, now, if I could only get the MFD's to turn on. I have been flying this with the emergency instruments and no VSI...not ideal, but workable.



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