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AH not working today :(

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Hello everyone


I'm pretty new to AH and flight sim'ing


Had AH for 3 weeks now, im working hard earning £ and points so I can get some pilots - BUT today I opened AH and im getting this message...(ive attatched a screen grab-hope it works) If not, I get a message saying "FSUIPC4 not found in FSX installation! install it before trying to fly jobs"


I haven't changed or done anything. :(





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First check the top-line menu in FSX. There should be an "Add-ons" pad in that menu and, when clicked, there should be a "FSUIPC" pad in the flyout. If that's present, FSUIPC IS properly installed and running. If not, it isn't.

If all seems correct with FSUIPC, then check the Paths in Options in AH. AH needs to know where to find FSX.exe (FSUIPC is in that location too) and that path is how it does it. That needs to be correct. I THINK, it needs to have a "\" character at the end of the path line.


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John! You are correct :)


Thanks - I went into AH options and paths - there was no path in the top path box. So I just typed in where FSX file was and it all worked. (weird how it just went though)


You maybe able to help me with another question John (as I've read a lot on here and you seen to now AH very well) - I just got my first AI pilot last night (she's working hard as I type) I have seen on this forum people saying that have friends / family as their AI/employed pilots...?? Is this possible to get real people to do flights for me rather than silly AI (who don't know how to load multiple cargo/jobs onto their plane to save trips)


Thanks in advance



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hehe...i believe references to friends and family flying airhauler jobs might be part of fictionalized accounts of their company's adventures. However, there are Virtual Airlines which I believe permit you to cooperate and share missions (could be wrong about sharing missions...at least linking Your AH company to another AH company on another computer isn't possible so far as I understand it.) However, if you can get actual friends and family interested in Airhauler, I'm sure they would be willing to sit at your computer and fly virtual jobs for a Real Wage ...haha.

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