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Ultimate Traffic 2 settings?

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Hello everyone


I have recently added UT2 to my FSX - but even after reading the instructions and playing about with it, all can get it static ground based aircraft. AND for some reason as soon as I have taxied out of my parking spot - a plane then appears in my place out of nowhere.


I have tried the busy airports in central London and still just static planes at gates. Not one taxing, moving, landing or taking off :(


they should re-name it 'Ultimate Still Traffic 2'

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Have you looked at the timetables for the respective airport you are at or used the map function to see what is en route near the airport?

I've got plenty of activity but can't remember that I changed the default settings much. I do have my FSX AI traffic settings at 100% though.



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Thanks all

Cheers Joe and Jim....going to try this and it get some damn traffic sorted today :)

Soon I'm going to get my little plane on vatsim. Just need to learn the lyrics. (And how to land on the runway and not on the grass next to it)

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