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AH base recommendations...

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Hello team AH

After read all about AH here and seeing the Tahiti x review. I purchased them both :) now have one AI pilot and some well earned £ in the bank.

BUT I don't think tahiti x ever installed properly as I never saw any dolphins. And I did alot of hours around there.

So I'm looking to sell my Tahiti base as I'm a little bored of these few islands....

I'm looking for some base recommendations. As trial and error will just take too long as soooooo many places to chose from.

I'm looking for a small airport with asphalt runway with lights and some good views. If its a good area I'll invest in some addon scenery and base airport.

(I'm running rex, orbix global and PSW)

Look forward to hearing about some nice new home ideas....

Thanks in advance

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I have thought of setting up a base at Princess Julianna Airport on Saint Martin Island and running around the Caribbean. FlyTampa has some good scenery there and the Grenadines.


Idaho has a boat load of small airfields that makes for great mountain flying and Megascenery Earth has released photo scenery for the area.


I've got to think of setting up a new company myself. I just upgraded to Prepar3D v2 and FSUIPC and AH won't load into the upgrade so I think I'll wait till Duncan finished AH2 and hope it has a Prepar3D installer :)

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My second AH company flew in Cuba (had UTX/GEX tropical installed at the time) and really enjoyed it...flew throughout the Caribbean and Florida, even a few jobs to Central America and Mexico. Currently my longest running Co. flies out of PHNG, a U.S.Marine airfield on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. I only run Lockheed Model 12's, DC-3s and a lone A2A Piper Cub (FTX Global&UTX America, with REX weather)and longest flights are under 200 miles. If you like shorter flights but lots of them, with lots of interesting weather, a decent amount of air traffic (Civvy and Mil)my recommendation is to give it a shot.

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 PHNG sounds perfect Dave! I like the idea of having some different live weather too, as Tahiti was sun, sun, sun, and sometimes a little cloud on a crazy day.


 When i'm finished with work I'll give PHNG a view :) I need some different coastline to crash into :)

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I am still not tired of my first base at Angwin, Ca. (airfield # 2o3). Great views of hills, coasts and lakes. Lots of short fields nearby including several water bases that actually produced lots of jobs for me for those floaties in the hangar. And all the major San Francisco bay area heavy capable fields are very nearby to expand into...including a couple long field but short rental airbases :) ...or plenty more small to mid sized fields to the north...very varied area.


but for variety I'm following Corsair31's general idea...fly where I'd like to be right now ... an island.


So my main company has opened bases in most of the "Island clumps"

American Samoa is proving to be a fun area. Some of those landings are quite challenging and there is a clump of close fields at the main group, as well as the occasional long haul to an outlying island to the south.


I also have a base in Hilo ... PHTO...can't get enough of islands lately :).


And I started a different new "Hard" company in the Marquesas NTMD to force me out of doing only short trips as there are only 4 fields there, and they are all about 50-90 mile trips...not sure I'm liking this one at starter plane speeds (I sold the stock c172 and purchased a Carenado Piper Archer II for that company which has the same slow speed as the c172 but almost double the payload, and a very fun plane to fly with a nice flat stall), but am sticking with it till I can get one of my Carenado Skymaster C337s for that area which makes anywhere fun to fly :D...i very much like the NTMN landing from the hill side...a fun stall drop from about 2000 ft above the strip gets the adrenalin pumping.



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My favourite airport is KTEX. It's at 9000ft in the Rockies in Colorado, with a 6500ft runway. There's some excellent freeware photoscenery from BlueSky Scenery for most of Colorado (and most of the West of US I think now) that I really recommend.

You'll need a small jet or a decent propeller plane to go from there though because of altitude and 14,500ft mountains on three sides.

Being in America there's loads of airports of all sizes nearby. California isn't far if you want cities, there's Arizona to the south for deserts, and a lot of backcountry places to the East once you've cleared the mountains.


There probably isn't a more beautiful place in FS once the photoscenery kicks in. I just hope FTX cover it sometime soon (if they haven't already).

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The good thing is, Russ, you can't lose no matter where you start-- you get to do some sight-seeing and after awhile you gain a good feel for the company's base and if you decide it isn't your cup-of-tea then you can rent another base or start the 'campaign' all over (which is fun in its own right). AH is, for me a Win-Win :)

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