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I have been busy building while away

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Hi, I hope you guys are all doing ok. While keeping my head down I got busy building what you could call a side pod for my flight station. Its more of a generic vintage throttle setup. I decided to mount everything on bearings, its probably more robust than the real thing. The red pieces are hard rubber go-kart floor mounting blocks they are for the tension which is adjustable. There is much more to do yet I intend to add another switch panel fitted, under carriage lever control and flap lever. The 3 switches that are fitted are momentary 2 way toggle switches for radiator flap, oil cooler and cowl flap. The great thing is it actually worked!!









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Yo, John - great to see you back and in fine form, too! I like the internals - nifty gearing, what? Look forward to seeing it action.

BTW, the quad PC's still going, added a SSD earlier in the year when the main HD's motor died. Recovered all the files - that was fun! Thinking about a new MoBo, any suggestions?

Take care, my friend. :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Dai, It's nice to be back, you know it seems such a long time since you had the computer I cant even remember what CPU it had, time flies by it goes way to quickly.. There is nothing worse than having an hard drive go down carrying information you don't want to lose but SSD is a good way to go. Thank you everyone for any comments, the most difficult and frustrating bit about building it was sourcing the parts the 6mm bearings on the mixture and pitch control were to bulky but I could not locate any others. The tension control I used gives a real nice feel to the throttle silky smooth with adjustable tension so if any one is building anything like it it's worth a look to see if it is suitable for what you are doing..





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Hi John,


Thanks for posting, it's great to the results of your hard work pay off at last.


It must be a great feeling when everything works as it should, and a lot more durable  :)


Getting on OK with P3Dv2?




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Hi Joe, I think the word is relief more so than feeling :) Like you I think I might wait a while, the graphics are great but not being able to operate anything in the cockpits at times makes it almost unusable when it happens and I have had quite a few CTD's along with OOM problems but I am not sure if that is being caused be addon aircraft because after all even though they work they are not stated as being P3D v2.








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