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Weston Flight Sim Show - 17-18 May 2014

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I've just heard from Lee Mills, the general manager of Weston's Helicopter Museum, that they are planning the 5th Weston Flight Sim Show for Sat/Sun 17/18 May 2014:


There will indeed be a flight sim show again this year and yes, you did accurately predict the correct dates.

Please find a flyer attached and the new look fsc website is due to be launched soon by the volunteers.


I confirmed that some of the mob from Mutley's would be turning up - again. Funnily enough, he seemed quite pleased! Now, I'm not too sure whether the format of the Weston show will be the same as previous years and there may be some changes to the contributing devs and sim groups. I am a bit biased, being a bit of a rotor-head (A BIT?!? - Ed), but the Helicopter Museum is a brilliant place for a show, and we've had a great time in years past.

So watch this space for further information and try to keep the weekend of 17/18 May 2014 free if you want a great time.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hello Dai,


I had an email from the FSW organisers months ago, in fact, it was the day after the Cosford show and I confirmed we would not be taking a stand this year, perhaps you should have checked with me first?  :fool:





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