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Creating an FS server

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I have been reading up on various FS servers.  So far I have looked at:


  • FSD Server
  • FSInn/FS Copilot


...and there is quite a lot I don't understand!


FSD Server.  - I understand how to set this up to get it working as a server for connection using FSInn. But where does it store data.  I cant see anything in FSD to indicate what if any database it can interface with and how.  Neither do the files associated with an FSD installation seem large enough to indicate that they are accumulating data.


PHP VMS - I understand a fair amount about this tool, it is a MYSQL/PHP web based tool specifically tailored to operating a VA with all the scheduled flights etc.


FSInn/FS Copilot.  I understand that these tools are an FS interface into Vatsim, FSD Server and can be configured to act as an interface to either of them and send back data on an FS session to the VATsim or FSD server.


I want to write a web site that will allow me to record my flights, and display information about them on various pages. 


So I seem to have a set of disjointed tools above to make this happen.


  • FSD Server & FSInn/Co Pilot will happly talk to each other, but how do extract data and store it for website use.  (I am fully conversant with HTML/PHP/MySQL so dealing with the captured data once in a MySQL DB is fine)
  • PHP VMS is a fully fledged VA construction tool, and is far too complicated for my simple needs, I don't want to get into flying schedules etc. just to record free flight data.... and at first sight seems to need a manual PIREPs submission which is not ideal. So that is easy to deploy, harder to saw off the bits I don't want without breaking it.

Is there any one there with experience of these tools who can mentor me in their use?


It seems to me that the ideal solution would be to extract FSD data into a MySQL database so I can use it on my web pages.  I just dont know how to do this, if it is possible, and if there is a better alternative




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I have jumped in to the extent that i have a working FSD server on a dedicated PC.  I can connect to it via FSInn/Copilot. and all looks good.


What i cant find is how to extract data on flights from it and store for display on a website.  In short I need to understand what the interface is between FSD and other programs.


I just cant find it written down anywhere!!!

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i think what you see on most websites is custom programing

calling data from curtain tables of your DB based on a user variable

i don't think it is too complicated; PHP is prob your best friend on this journey


The Apollo III Message Forum - FSD Server Support



The Apollo III Message Forum - Flight Simulator



or see - How to retrieve data on server by using PHP


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Thanks Chris.  I don't know how I missed this!


My test build of FSD was on a windows PC.  I guess I can rebuild it as a Lunux PC.  I am fine with PHP so this and the FSDBase download should eventually get me where i want to be.


I want to build a server for logging flights that I make, similar to a Virtual Airline but with out all the aircraft, route and other restrictions that these inevitably have. I mostly fly Military, and there seems to be nothing out there that fits the bill for me, they all seem to have some sort of restrictions. So if I cant find something that suites me, I'll build my own! Just got to think of a name.



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