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Static AI at airports?

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I've recently been buying add on airports, UK2000 are great IMO lots of detail and static AI planes. Aerosofts Heathrow has them but their Orly and Nice do not. I don't like using FSX default ac to populate the stands so my question is.


Is there an add on that will give me realistic static AI ac?


Thanks in anticipation.

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There used to be an active site called WOAI that has free packages that folks can install, it is still around but I don't think it is active anymore.


Why not get a traffic program that has AI aircraft take off and land, it would be more realistic and I don't think they hardly affect fps at all.

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Thanks Brett, I'll give that link a try. As far as traffic add ons go, I prefer the skies to myself. I got fed up with picking Cessnas out of my intakes with the default AI. :D


Maybe I'll look into that though as as you say it would add to the realism. :thum:

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