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Shorts 360 Anywhere? Anyone?

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I'm buying almost all of UK2000s airports cos I like them. So I'm flying lots of shuttles between them in the 146 and hopefully soon the 8-Q400.


What I would like is a decent payware Shorts 360 which would be ideal for these er ... short hops. Does anyone know where I can get one please?


There are nostalgic reasons why I want this plane if anyone is interested.


After producing a conference that took place in Liverpool I invited Kate to fly up and join me there for a couple of days. The morning we were due to fly back to Heathrow she confirmed that she was pregnant with our first child which came as a bit of a surprise. :huh::yikes:


While waiting at the then Liverpool Speke airport for our Manx Airlines Shorts 360 the pilot told us pax that there was fog at Heathrow and that it was not categorised to land in those conditions. He said that we would fly down there in the hope that it would have cleared.


With only the odd high rise and factory chimney poking up through fog shrouded England we arrived over London. The pilot announced that as we were still unable to land we would circle for a while. So we circled and circled. Finally he told us that we had to fly back to Liverpool as that was the only airport that was not fogged in. So we did and we caught a train back to London which gave me plenty of time to muse on impending fatherhood.


Still here? So that's why I want a Shorts 360.



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I deleted the double post for you. :)


I don't know of a payware version and have only seen the one mentioned by John. Considering it's age, I think it looks pretty darn good. I would be happy to walk you through the installation when and if you want it.


Great story and I can see why you would want one. :cool:

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Time to come to grips with zip files. If you're going to be a flight simmer, that's a tool you've got to be able to use.


EDIT: They say the Short 360 is just the box the Short 330 was delivered in.


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they wern't named a vomit comet for nothing

With that fog there was little wind so the ride was fine although we did feel like eggs in a box.


@ Brett, John, Thanks for your concern about my lack of computing skills and I will take up Bretts kind offer of a tutorial re zips when my workload eases off. I'm too knackered after a days hard labour to get my mind into the workings of a pc.


All my Best, G

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