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Hi Wayne, welcome to our forums.


From your info I see you are using FS2002? Brett's info is good for FS2004 and FSX but we can't guarantee that the DY NDC exists in other sims.


It is a very important navigational aid for the first leg.


All the best..



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More... some from FSX, some from RW, some defunct RW.

Germany - Dusseldorf LMM ILS RW05R (284.5 KHz) N51°14.06' E6°39.27'

UK (Scotland) - Duncansby Head (290.5 KHz) N58 38' 40" W3 1' 25"

US (Kansas City, Missouri) - Lexey (275 KHz) 39 23.375931 N 94 40.703888 W

Belarus - Minsk NDB (480 KHz) N53°55.00' E27°42.00'

Uzbekistan - Nagornaya NDB (598 KHz) N39°44.60' E66°24.30'

China - Yabrai NDB (363 KHz) N39°24.20' E102°48.80'

China - Zhangjia (444 KHz) N29°8.36' E110°37.05'

Welcome aboard, Wayne.


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