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....in the later stages of leg 3.


Unfortunately, it was the one marked "Fuel Warning". :huh:


I think we would have had enough for a go-around at Glenforsa, but I'm glad we didn't have to prove it. :)

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No worries, the Islander, together with a few cases of Laphroiag (including some Quarter Cask and Triple Wood which I can't get locally), has now made it to Baldoon, and I have a vantage point in the grandstand to watch the Avro Lincoln's arrival (should be interesting...). Have checked the tanks for leg 5 and I should have 45 minutes to spare.

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It was great to land with the side window open to hear the cheers of the adoring onlookers in the grandstand at Baldoon.

 In fact the Lincoln, when as light as we were, borrows the numbers of a DC--3 and we stopped less than 1000' from the threshold for which I must apologise to the bloodthirsty among us and to the LAME's for giving the brakes a severe work out. 

 I am still uncertain if the GAF bird is a legal entry for the Mebar but I couldn't resist entering the beast as I worked on the production line at GAF, Melbourne, as a sheet metal worker making the aircraft,t and I flew sailplanes with the guy that did the MR design work, Henry Millicer .   So the old Lancaster Mk99 and I go back a long way.

Good fun, Ed

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