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I heard it flies like ****

I second the Admin's only option, for the reasons Alan stated as well as the fact that I thought it was more impartial and focused on the theme.

Since I didn't participate in the Holiday Theme contest (I blame lack of image editing software and an often Grinchly demeanor around the holidays ) but the entries all made me break a smile, I wante

Pardon my garden, but shouldn't it be "Touch'n'Go's"? :whis:

O.K. - having got that from off of my chest (!), are we talking T&G's or Touchdowns? As an arch pedant (Never! - Ed) it would be good to know... Seriously, it's a great theme - credits!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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My pics for this month are just what I've managed to grab from my library of screenies as still trying to get the Flightsim and the new PC to talk to each other. Also for some reason I'm unable to copy and paste some stuff from photobucket onto here.( hence my first 2 pics have had to be changed within minutes of posting as as soon as I left the post ,,the pic vanished! :(  ) Hopefully it'll all be up and running properly soon.

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I've had the same problem as Alan with regards to pasting image links from photo bucket, they don't seem to work at the moment. I have found a way around it by ticking the "allow HTML" box in the reply / post screen and re-pasting again then it will paste the link.


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Hello Sam,


If you use the forum post editor so that the picture icon is active, get the link from Photobucket that is in the direct box as highlit below



I have shown an example above, then paste the code into the image properties box like this:




The image should then show.





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Yes sir, the forum software takes care of that now.

The main concern was file size, but most of our members connect by broadband now.  However, I would say I get more enjoyment from a screenshot when I don't have to scroll horizontally to see the full image.



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Agree completely Joe..


Nothing worse than a screenshot that won't fit on one screen...


By the way, is it possible to add the like button to the mobile theme too?? Saw last night that it's missing there....

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@Sam - cheers, I hope it works for you.

@Ruzzo - See the last line of the rules  :thum:  "In the event of a tie the forum administrators will choose the winner."


@Brett - Sorry mate, there's no way around that. ... Or is there?

@Micke - I will have to take a look at the template

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Hi, I am new to this site and am planning on entering the contests. Before I post pictures, I would like to ask a question. Though it says not editing, can I make minor edits such as cropping, or just blurring the background? I have one picture that the background needs to be blurred for or else the contrails are barely visible. 

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Cropping is allowed, not sure about blurring. Rule 5 (Only superficial edits are allowed (re-size, minimal sharpen etc), nothing over the top i.e not composite shots unless that is the theme. What is shown in the picture needs to be representative of what you see in flight sim.) indicates that blurring isn't allowed, but I'll leave Joe (Mutley) to clarify

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Kieran, no bomb bursts, I suppose a nice long sooty smoke trail from an engine will be fine.

Thanks for asking and good luck!


I pretty much knew my shot of the A-10 would not be acceptable, but I liked it so I posted it. :)

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From the contest pages:



Isn't one of the contest rules that you can't win two months in a row?  If so, then Dodgy Alan's entries would be ineligible as he won last month.




Dodgy Alan's win was a good one. It was one of my top choices. But I have to agree with SEATAC because he has a good point. Dodgy Alan has already won. Maybe give first place to Captain Coffee? 



Heh...absolutely not...I was waiting to decline the win if I got it. Very happy Dodgy Allen got the nod because I already have a Dash 8 from the previous previous Helicopter contest, and haven't even quite figured it out yet.


Rule #7 states; "Contest winners will not be eligible to win the next contest after their win, but are encouraged to enter every contest." All I see is Alan having fun and enjoying his hobby. I am sure Joe knows the rules, since he wrote them and will act accordingly when tallying the winner. :D


In the future, please post comments and questions & answers thread Here, thanks all. :)


Yep, winning is fun, but supporting the contest is why I keep entering even though I don't expect or deserve a win for a while imo.


Also stoked that Dodgy got a free plane because opening up many of his posts in the screenshot forum is like winning a free plane...the guy finds sooo many cool freewares, several of which are in my hangar thanks to Dodgy. :thum: :thum:



Thanky kindly to the sponsors. Very glad you brought this contest back.

And good luck to all.


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