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I heard it flies like ****

I second the Admin's only option, for the reasons Alan stated as well as the fact that I thought it was more impartial and focused on the theme.

Since I didn't participate in the Holiday Theme contest (I blame lack of image editing software and an often Grinchly demeanor around the holidays ) but the entries all made me break a smile, I wante

Matt hit the nail on the head, enter the contest to show off your screenshots and hopefully win a prize, it's fun. (I'll give you all a hint too, you can have a beautiful screenshot entered and it will not win unless it includes every facet of that months contest requirements, so read Joe's description very carefully :secret:  ).  


@Falcon-You can't win two month's in a row but can post entries regardless during that next month. 


@Matt- Get the Airline2Sim Q400 Cadet Training Program videos, helped me out a lot on the Dash8. Wait for sales which happen a few times a year. :)  


Most of all, have fun and show us your screenshots. I enjoy them all. :cool:



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Thanks for the reply Brett. But I meant that if you already won once in the past, are you able to win again in any other contest in the future?

Yes, you can win more than once, just not back-to-back. :)

I have won the contest two or three times, but not in a row. I just didn't bother to enter the contest immediately following my win due to the rules. But as long as the rules are upheld then no harm done.

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Thanks to Brett for helping out here and what he says is 100% correct.


I am more than happy to discuss all things screenshot related in this topic, but please do not start conversations in the competition topic as they get deleted (to keep the focus on the pictures), and I thank Falcon who made some good points directly to me last month in a PM.


As Richard (SEATAC) said, he is amongst several people who have won multiple times but no one can win two months in a row, but that shouldn't stop them not entering because they will not be allowed a prize if they win. The prize would just go to the next highest scoring entrant. I think it is a bit mercenary to say you wouldn't bother to enter if you knew you had no chance to win a prize that month  :mellow:. What would be great is if you entered using the prize you won the previous month, you may even get the most points.

Alan is an old master at the competition and he is always on theme which counts more than posting a fabulous quality screenshot on something that is irrelevant!  

I love the screenshot competitions and even though I am the only one who cannot win I think I will have a go this month!


Thanks everyone for supporting the competition   :thum:




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I have only just picked up on this thread, I think that's the longest I've ever been the centre of a conversation! (although I daresay my family talk about me behind my back!) I know I've won the comp about 6-7 times now but never back to back. The fun is taking part, winning is a bonus. :D

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Alright, I popped another question. For our current contest, I know we have to be able to see a beach or coastline. But a lot of them don't have a sun in the picture. Is a sun part of the requirements of a picture?



1. the shining of the sun; direct light of the sun.


2. brightness or radiance; cheerfulness or happiness.


3. a source of cheer or happiness.


4. the effect of the sun in lighting and heating a place.


5. a place where the direct rays of the sun fall.

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Hey Joe.  Got a question.  What if an entry gets the most votes but doesn't actually meet the qualifications for the theme.  For instance, let's say the theme is Paraplanes and the entry with the most votes is a pic of a helicopter.  Does it still win or do you step in and disqualify it?

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Oh and I have a question now. Does lens flare (Manually added, not from FSX) count as a minor edit or is it not allowed?


I believe that would be more than the allowed minor edits as it directly changes the image content. :) Besides, getting the lens flare just right in the picture is half the fun. :yesa:


The site administrators will make the final decision on the winner. :)  

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OK guys, I have now changed rule #5 to state that no post processing of your shot is allowed. If you use the ENB shaders or any other mod which works within FS then ok but any editing at all in a graphics program will be disallowed unless specified in the topic by me.

My advice is, line up your shot in flight sim, take the screenshot and post the image, we will take care of the rest.

Also, there is no need to post whether you think another shot is ineligable, the judges will decide.

So keep shooting and let's get back to happy shooting!

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So if you have already posted a shot with edits, it will be disqualified? 


Not only that, you will be dragged from your home at midnight, beaten with sticks and then left to the dogs. :P


To answer your Q look at Joe's second to last posting;


"Also, there is no need to post whether you think another shot is ineligible, the judges will decide." (although I took the liberty to correct his spelling. ;) )

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I just wanted to mention (in the proper topic discussion thread this time :) )...


HOLY CRAP it is as HARD to catch a lightning bolt in FSX as it is with a single shot camera in RL  



I stabbed and double stabbed the V key at 20 amazing lightning bolts crashing all around that Beaver before I finally got ONE to actually show up in the screen shot...definitely not the best I saw.


A very challenging contest...woot!

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