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In another example of good support, this time for a payware product, Flight1 and Moderator/Developer of their GeoApr package, JerryB, stuck with me and resolved a problem I was having with that application. I'm pretty sure that for a while he thought it was just a dumb-ass user who couldn't follow the manual, but he hung in there and between us we eventually managed to pin down what was happening and he's fixed it. I'm a happy camper and they deserve a pat on the back.

If you're interested in any of the gory details, I was giving a running account of the issue in the Mutley's Hangar forums here....


The Flight1 SimForum support thread is here...


Rob's review of GeoApr is here...


Flight1's product page for GeoApr is here...


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Reading through the Flight 1 forum makes me wonder how many people bought this and returned it due to it not working correctly. If it wasn't for you sticking with this problem and doing testing, giving clear and concise information as to your experience, this would not have been fixed. I think this fella should be thankful for your help in bringing it to a happy conclusion by updating his program.


It also is a great example as to why developers cannot duplicate a users problem on their machines.


Well done John, enjoy your new purchase. :)  

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I think this fella should be thankful for your help in bringing it to a happy conclusion by updating his program.



He did, Brett, more than once.  I was pretty impressed with his attitude all the way through - not like some sites where they give the impression they hate the thought of having to communicate with you.  This guy was great, throughout.



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I think A2A Simulations should be added to this list too. They do 99% of help/support right in their forums for all to see and do not hesitate to return funds if they can't find a fix. They also continue to update all their products.

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I'd like to propose that Mutleys offer an award of some kind for developer support over and above the call of duty!

We've all clearly had great experiences with passionate and committed devs, but here's one that takes the biscuit :O

Stephen and Cheryl at Opus replied to an issue I raised....

1. within 4 hours..

2. before it was even light in the morning..

3. on a Sunday..

4. and while they are still away on holiday :O


:O nuff said.....

Cheers K

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I have to agree Kevin, Opus really do give fantastic customer service  :)  :thum:




Shame that the likes of Wilco drag dev relations down. They have now taken 11 days to answer a support ticket from me, service as cr*p as their products  :(   

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...and Night Environment's Chris Bell, who despite being in a completely opposite time zone always seems to be able to answer skype question in about 2 seconds!! :D <cue applause>


I don't think Chris actually sleeps, probably just nods of at the computer station for a few seconds at a time. :P

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Chris actually once provided support before I knew I had a problem, in a personal message here on MH ;)



I would also like to add HiFi Technologies to the list. I got very good, and prompt, support with an issue when I was trying to distribute a Manual Weather file to others that refused to load on their installation. And this despite me not being able to provide proof that the other users had a legal installation of the product (although I'm very sure they did.....)

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