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Oh dear, this is embarrassing.


After a few weeks of using Rex Essentials+Overdrive it crashed with the message 'Failed to read from file.'


In trying to get it going again I get told to, 'Select root folder for where you have FSX installed.'


I don't know what they mean by root folder or where to find it.


Please can anyone explain in very simple terms how to find my root folder.


All assistance gratefully received. :th_blush:  

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I'm pretty sure your "root" folder will be C:\FSX if you have been following the advice of most gurus. FSX, on installation, defaults to C:\program Files (x86)\Microsoft\(whatever).......


It is not recommended that you allow FSX to install to this folder, instead changing the destination on installation to C:\FSX  - (I see you're using win7). On my system, I have a separate hard drive so most FSX stuff and add-ons go in D:\FSX. There are other files associated with the software that get scattered all over the place. That might be a subject for a future post to make a listing of all the locations, however, for now you need to know where the root folder is.


One way to find out where your root folder is to go to the "Start" button on your task bar, left click it and type fsx.exe into the search box. This search will find the directory where your FSX software resides.


I hope this helps and that there are those about with better descriptive skills to correct/support this advice. 

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My first question would be when does it crash, when starting a flight or when starting REX.


If you can start REX you would then need to go into the Configuration Manager(on the top toolbar of REX) and reset General Configuration/Simulator Folder Location to the location of FSX. Mine is here C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but you would need to go to wherever yours is located.


If you can't get into REX that you might have to run the .exe again and it would do a repair and also ask you where your root folder, or in other words, the main folder named Microsoft Flight Simulator X, is during the install process. They call it a root folder because it is the starting folder where all the other needed folders that run the flight sim are located.  


Hope I haven't confused you more, good luck. :)




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I have had this a few times and fixed it by rebuilding the Rex database. If you go into the REX start menu folder, there is an icon for the REX database tool. Run that and the database is redone.



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Thanks guys for your help but I cannot get it to work with your suggestions, it doesn't fire up in the normal way. I guess a reinstall is needed.


@ Adrian, when I tried the restore tool this notice appeared.  Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. WHAAAAT! the heck does that mean?????


Thanks all anyway, back to the drawing board. :thum: 

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