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June 2014 - Show us your chopper!

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Yes, your favourite eggbeater, whirlybird or autogiro, in any situation, the more exciting the better!  :D
3 entries per user, please choose your entries carefully as they cannot be changed once a vote has been cast against them.
Please check out the rules here 

To all viewers whether you post an entry or not please help us by voting for a shots you like by clicking the rep_up.png button in the bottom right corner of the entry.
Have fun.

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Took this while in Airhauler. I tried to make a custom gate on the stadium floor...a Helipad for the nearest  Seaplane base...but unfortunately the game starts up with the heli under the stadium floor. Oh well, so much for renaming the place Blackhawk Stadium.  :whis:



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I'm probably going to catch it for this, but what the heck!!!



thanks to post like this i find myself sitting alone in my work room; literally laughing my head off; out loud! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

its starting to happen too often; im wondering if im becoming one of those people or you guys are just hilarious :P

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You          said                                                Chopper:


I aint got no heli shots..  :D


PS.. please do not vote for this shot fun only..

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Well at first I was a bit nervous about whipping out my chopper in public, but here goes:-

My! John, that's a big chopper you have, but how have you got 4 dangly bits under yours; I only got 2 under mine..   

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Confuzzeled here trying to figure out what you all like.

Only 2 likes so far for landing a Blackhawk in Seahawk stadium...points off for unrealistic? Could be a Half Time Navy Demo show? Navy ceiling fan? :P Nah, it only gets "hot" 3 days a year in Seattle. :mellow:


This is try # two...damn I love this copter, such a fine flying thing, very confidence inspiring...still, it is a Tight fit getting down onto a small boat. I'll have to see if the Boeing Vertol fits at some point..hehe.


Navy on Navy in Grey Tones. Sea King landing on what looks like either a missile destroyer or some kind of frigate class thingy. Near Bremerton, Wash. ORBx PNW Scenery, Rex Clouds, Cpt. Coffee's white knuckles.


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Third and final entry for me. Hover practicing around the Seattle area. A crane operator snapped this shot of me using a container ship for "tight area" practice.

I am awaiting notice that my heli license is being revoked once he turns this shot over to the FAA. :)

btw...you can't land on those containers unfortunately...Your craft just sinks through them. Hardest part of capturing this shot was finding an angle that didn't leave walkway pieces ending abruptly in mid air, yet still find a spot that looked like someone took a legit photo of me losing my heli-license. :P



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