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June 2014 - Show us your chopper!

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Dude...I SOOOOO need that courier van for my job! Where can I get one? Traffic would never be a problem again. :thum:



*Edit (cuz i don't want to add another off-topic


re: Dodgy's comment:  Bell Transit... :D



It's a Bell/Transit Connected.


(not sure if you have "Ford Transit Connect" trucks over there...I'd have one if Ford put a TDI-esque 45mpg diesel in them...they are morons, fools, tards for only offering it in a 27mpg gas motor :(  )

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Its the new police helicopter.


It tracks you from the air and when it has bought you to ground, it lands, the back of the chopper opens up and out jump some woodentops shouting "get in the van, you're nicked!"

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my wife saw the title line and me with camera in hand , Nigel she yelled you are not going to take a picture of all of that !


naw sweatheart just enough to win !


sorry could not resist that

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Thanks everyone for taking part, this month we have a 4-way tie of the following entries, all with 9 votes, the winner will be decided by our forum moderators watch this space.


The top shots were-


C Soul



Captain Coffee






And Dolf8857




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A winner has been chosen by the crew and it is Captain Coffee with this shot, well done Matt!  :clapping:


We thought the angle and action made for a worthy winner.


Please check your PM's Matt.



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Hey, just wanted to post a couple pics of the prize I chose...same as last month's winner, and it's a winner for sure: Majestic Dash 8 Q400.


I need to read the manual... this is my first attempted takeoff, 5 seconds prior to this I was sitting on those stripes advancing the throttles...doh.




My second try resulted in a nose up but otherwise similar attitude, and somehow I was able to push the nose down and fly out of it. Here's a pretty picture of a Dash 8 Q400 VTO (not so sure about the landings).



I'll get the hang of this, and hopefully not hanging by the props again. My Airhauler AI's read the manual and are eating up the skies in these birds.


Thanks so much Mutley's and Just Flight for sponsoring this contest, and of course to the Forum Members and Guests who +1'd my white knuckle entry.


Cheers all,




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