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Madeirs x for sfx weird scenery problem

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I installed madeira X without any problem, but the rocks surrounding the airport are elongated vertically and look like spears sticking up into the sky. I've been on the Aerosoft forums to no avail. I've tried editing sfx .bgl files also to no avail. Anyone got any ideas??



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Hi Robert,


I haven't come across this problem, make sure the Madeira scenery is at the top of the scenery list (Level1)


Do you have any other scenery that may interfere with the mesh? FS Global or FTX Global, or maybe other scenery nearby.


The only way to tell is to disable all but the default scenery to see which one is the culprit it's a laborious task but probably the only way? 




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I've seen similar artifacts here when my pc has been repeatedly shutdown in sleep mode over a few days. A  full shutdown and cold boot has resolved the problem.


This appears to be due to running low on memory resources in various scenery areas (Madeira X is very resource hungry).


Possibly you may need to increase your RAM, but looking at your system profile 8-GB should be more than enough.




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All good tips, I'll through one out there too. Try adjusting your mesh settings. Each time you make a change you need to close out and do a restart if it didn't make an immediate change, so it can be a pain.


If you do have FTSVectors, try turning the airport off in the configurator under airport elevations.


Good luck and welcome to the forums Robert. :)

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