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M.S. Flight shutdown announcement

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The inevitable has happened




such a waste of good talent, money et al, just because some idiot thought he knew better, what  Joe public needed, not wanted.  absolutely criminal.


However perhaps this announcement may , if rumours are true, pave the way for the new owner of the title(s) to go public, if this is indeed the case I truly hope they read all the reviews of flight  and the simming community before committing valuable funds to another hair brained scheme

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In a way it is a sad day. after so long Microsoft and flight simulators are parting company.  


Lets not forget what the years of dedication to the FS community that MS have put in. They are responsible to the endless hours of fun that we all enjoy, mostly directly, but also indirectly as they have provided a milestone that others such as X-plane, have aspired to.


So I would say, goodbye Microsoft, and thanks for the ride, but oh boy, I hope the guy who made the decision to sell MS FS has been fired.

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