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Air Hauler to Air hauler 2..... Do you copy?

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Having been a huge fan of my Air Hauler when I started Sims I sort of moved away over the last couple of years.


I journeyed to FSEconomy and a VA in Vafs. This morning I flew a flight in my much loved Manfred C-47 and amazed myself how much I enjoyed it back in AH.   I put this down to a couple of things, the C-47 of course, but also my flying skills are much improved so it was more relaxing.   A couple of questions for those in the 'know' please.


1.  Although I logged onto AH most months I did that just to pay my band of AH pilots.  Having got them up to the point when you could trust them with something more than a child's toy kite in Central Park, I didn't want lose them.  Although I had noticed that most of them took 2nd jobs as waitresses or bouncers in some of the less salubrious of the Worlds Bars.


So to my question... I noticed today that despite my logging on;  my rep when down the bog!  I got the message.  You have to fly to keep it,  but.... how often does the company owner have to do this?   Once a month, once a week or does an AI flight stop my faithless customers from wandering off and diss'ing my good name in public?


2. I read somewhere that when AH2 arrives we may be able to transfer existing Company's to the new game?  is that still true... and will I be able to take my AI pilots with me, does anybody know?


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Hi Rick, John is the resident guru on AH so hopefully he will weigh in here.


I think you need to fly at least once a month or your rep will go down a little(1%) each month. Remember, only you can make your rep go up, not your AI pilots. If you do not fly yourself for a long time I think it will not go down below a certain percent (70%?) but I could be wrong there too. I remember reading that the author didn't want folks to just rely on AI alone and that if the company owner does not stay involved by flying himself, his rep will take a hit.  

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Thanks Brett..............  Yes it was taking a slow and gradual slide into oblivion!  Fortunately I am rescuing it now.


Anyone got a view on whether my stalwart band of AI pilots will be following me to AH2?   I like the more relaxed flying in AH after the dollar chasing in FSE.

I'm guessing with a multi-player version the rules as to what I can, and cannot, do in AH will be a little stricter as there is an effect on others in the game.  At the moment I can more or less do what I please, no impact on other players.



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Wow - thought I'd posted an answer here but must have hit the "Back" button instead of the "Post" button.  Sorry.



Re: Rep loss due to inactivity - I think it's based on two weeks without completing a job, but might be three weeks.  In any case, there's a hard floor at 70% and your rep will not diminish below that due to inactivity.



Re: AH1 Companies to AH2 - Slopey is the only one who can say for sure about this but I think he's said that the there are such significant differences in the data structure between the two apps that it will be problematic at best.  



I learned during the development of AH1 that, with Slopey, never say never.  He pulled some rabbits out of his hat at the last minute in AH1, some of which he'd earlier said couldn't be done.  I'd have to say your original "MAY" is the best information available at this point.





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Forgot to say thank you for the info John !


My "hard floor" must have got structurally weak as my rep drowned at 62%.

This may be because it is something that was changed in an update which I've never bothered to download.


No matter though, we have dragged it back to a more respectable position.


many thanks,  Rick



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Thanks for bringing your mechanic back to the top :D


I really can't wait for AH2 because I can't get AH to run on Prepar3D v2.3 I've tried every stinkin hack I know and so now I'm just waiting for AH2. Unfortunately, when I did the reformat and reinstall for the last update to Prepar3D, I forgot about making a copy of my AH files. That's ok.....I've been a rookie before and I'll do it again.


Meanwhile, I'm keeping my scheduling skills current by playing Pocket Planes on my iPhone (I know....that's pathetic) :rofl:


Aloha Cargo will fly again :)



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