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I have installed the freeware Tucano by Simshed.  On the whole I am pleased with the aircraft, but I have one issue with it.


When the aircraft is started up, the engine goes to full throttle and then returns to idle.  I am sure this this realistic, but the problem is that the brakes will not hold the aircraft back when this is done.


This results in the aircraft rushing forward by a fairly long way until the revs drop nd the brakes come into effect. Not so good when you are on the stand.


How can this be change?  Any suggestions would be good!

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Try loading the default Cessna 172 first, then load the Tucano, a PITA I know but some aircraft need it.

Alternatively, save the default flight as the Cessna, then when you change the aircraft to the Tucano it may be OK, but not guaranteed, there's no refunds on advice!



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